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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten methods to purify your heart

There are ten methods you can use to purify your heart:

1. Overcome selfishness. Do not live just for yourself. Do not use other people for your own interests. Do not manipulate people.

Selfishness is a world epidemic today, and with such a widespread epidemic we cannot really expect better world conditions than we have.

Relations between nations will never improve until we purify our heart of selfishness. No social, political or economic condition will improve until the leaders of these activities purify their hearts. The people who have pure hearnts can only be elected by those who have pure hearts. The conditions of the world can be changed only by those who have pure hearts.

2. Clean your vanities. Vanities distort the pure images you have in your heart. You must find exactly what you are , not more or less than what you are, so that you maintain balance, sanity and equilibrium.

The heart is the organ that brings equilibrium to your life.

3. Check your motives. You cannot clean your heart until you find the motives behind your actions, feelings and thoughts. Your motives will reveal to you what is really going on in your heart.

Once you purify your heart, you will hae cosmic energy within you.

M. M. says that we communicate with Cosmos through our heart. We are initiated with our heart, and we conquer with our heart. Without a pure heart, we become a polluting factor in the world.

4. Develop the spirit of worship, aspiration, devotion, admiration and a life dedicated to higher ideals. Aspiration means to find some beauty and try to be that beauty.

One day Rabindranath Tagore and his father were taking a boat ride on a lake. It was sunset and the lught was casting a beautiful reflection against a tree near the lake. Suddenly Tagore/s father stopped the boat, and looking at the tree and the setting sun, the colors and the serenity, he began to fuse with the beauty in great ecstasy. That moment was an unforgettable joy in the heart of young Tagore.

5. Renounce your ego.

6. Do not obsess and possess people.

7. Do not try to control the lives of others. You can speak about the Teaching to others, but then you should leave them free to do anything they want to do, to live their own lives and learn from their own experiences. When the heart is purified every kind of religion, ideology and philosophy is synthesized, and you do not need to force people to change.

8. Do not speak evil.

9. Try to see beauty in everyone

10. Obey your heart. This is the most important step of all. Alwats try to obey your heart...because God speaks through your heart.

There are other factors that damage the heart and if you want to have an unfolding heart, you must know about them aswell:

1. Sound, audible and inaudible, has a very strong influence upon the heart.
2. Mechanical sound, by wich we are bombarded day and night on earth and from the sky will eventually make human heart very weak.
3. Electrical currents, ELF waves (extremely low frequency) hurt the heart chakra.
4. Insecticides, various kind of paint and varnish devastate the nerves connected with the heart. All chemical products, wich fill our stores, printing shops and paint stores are detrimental to the heart.
5. Radioactive elements, fall-outs, gradually will harm the heart of humanity to an incurable degree.

The heart in our chest is linked and fused with the electromagnetic heart center in the etheric body. Both share each other/s condition.

They also affect the heart center in the head, wich controls the mental behavior of man and the whole immune system. This is why Sages throughout history advised us to protect our heart.

Noise pollution has a deeper effect on our heart than chemical pollution. Noise pollution affects our etheric and astral heart centers and creates disturbances in the circulatory system of psychic energy, disturbing our etheric and astral health conditions.

All kinds of pollution are detrimental to our health, but specially noise pollution.

If possible have as little noise in your home and office as possible. Stay at least five miles away from radio and television towers. Do not live on streets where the traffic is heavy day and night. Especially stay away from the vicinity of airfields.

These precautions will help you have a good and healthy heart.

(The Flame of the Heart, p.22-26)

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