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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spiritual Warrior

A spiritual warriors path is challenging.

In The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz calls it a war. We will lose some battles, that’s okay. It may feel like a lot, even with the perspective of the victim persona at the time, hopeless. But it is only one battle. A Spiritual Warrior learns not to measure progress in the war using the metrics of only one battle.

A Spiritual Warrior learns to retreat, rest, recover, learn from their actions, regroups, then stands up again to take another step on his path.

Even in the process of losing a battle, much progress is made. The ego has pushed back, and so it is exposed, and we gain more clarity on our endeavor. The ego can even be weakened. At a minimum, we become more respectful of our foe, even if it is a dream. We become more grateful of those moments that are peaceful, and even grateful of moments where we are just holding our ground against a dream. And with that kind of experience a number of times we embrace humility, a kind of mile marker on the journey.
Sometimes it is best for a Warrior to realize they have done their best against their emotional reactions and inner demons of the mind, and to go rest and recover. A warrior learns there is a time for that too as they become wise.

Sometimes it is best to rest and recover. It will be necessary to take time to rest or you will not win many of the battles in the war for your happiness.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


The real meaning of the word mystery can be understood if you think about a man and a tree and try to see the causes that brought them into being. Or you can think about the cause of our solar system or galaxy. The mystery is the cause, the organized architectural details which gave birth to the objective Universe.

All life is surrounded by a mystery. Actually we live, move, and have our being in mystery. Every man knows that even a man is a mystery to himself, unless he becomes his True Self.

Every Great One is a mystery. Buddha, Christ, and others, despite Their historic existence, were the Word made flesh. The mystery is the Word; the flesh is Their historic existence. They are so powerful because They are both fact and mystery combined. For our narrow consciousness They remain as mysteries.

The mystic is one who has contact with the mystery, but he lacks the faculty to actualize his control in such a way that we can understand and make use of it. On the other hand, a scientist is occupied mostly with the body of the mystery, and he does not show interest in the mystery behind the form because his devices or instruments are not capable of contacting the mystery. Since his inner senses are not being developed yet, he becomes the slave of forms.

The mystery is like the shadow of the mortal man. The more he runs after the shadow, the more the shadow runs away from him. The mystery cannot be found by the physical senses, but one must develop astral, mental, intuitional, and even higher senses to follow the tracks of the mystery. Each contact of the mystery is an act of creativity.

Without a scientific mind the mysterious degenerates into superstition, and without a mystical vision, science turns into exploitation and worship of matter.

- Torkom Saraydarian