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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Unteachable Monkey - A Panchatantra Tale

In a part of a forest was a troop of monkeys who found a firefly one winter evening when they were dreadfully depressed. One examining the insect, they believed it to be fire, so lifted it with care, covered it with dry grass and leaves, thrust forward their arms, sides, stomachs, and chests, scratched themselves, and enjoyed imagining that they were warm. One of the arboreal creatures in particular, being especially chilly, blew repeatedly and with concentrated attention on the firefly.

Thereupon a bird named Needle-Face, driven by hostile fate to her own destruction, flew down from her tree and said to the monkey: "My dear sir, do not put yourself to unnecessary trouble. This is not fire. This is a firefly." He, however, did not heed her warning but blew again, nor did he stop when she tried more then once to check him. To cut a long story short, when she vexed him by coming close and shouting in his ear, he seized her and dashed her on a rock, crushing face, eyes, head, and neck so that she died.

"And that is why I say: 
No knife prevails against a stone; ....and the rest of it.

["No knife prevails against a stone; 
Nor bends the unbending tree; 
No good advice from Needle-Face 
Helped indocility."]

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