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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Teaching From Seven Levels

A person talks on the level where his consciousness is focused. When a Great One talks, He talks on seven levels. In contrast, a person  focused on one level talks only one-level talk, which means that what  he says is understood as it is given, although a multi-dimensional  person is able to see many dimensions in that talk if they exist.  And, when a multi-dimensional man talks, the talk has multi-dimensions, which means you can translate his talk on as many levels as you are conscious on.

For example, when a seven level man speaks about food, he means seven kinds of food which you eat physically, emotionally, mentally, and so on to nourish your bodies. 

To feed the mental stomach, for instance, means to give knowledge. The spiritual stomach eats foods called wisdom, freedom, joy, bliss, and so on. Your inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom are as much food as the bread you give to others.

When a seven dimensional or multi-dimensional talk is given, but you hear it from the interest of your one dimensional being, you do not understand exactly what the speaker was saying to you. You understand it only on the level where you are. And, if you try to emphasize only what you heard and say that that is what he meant, you destroy the entire idea the person was trying to impart.

If a seven dimensional man and a one dimensional man talk on the same subject, even using the same words, you will understand what they say on your level. If your level is multi-dimensional you will not like what the one dimensional speaker said because he will not nourish your other levels. The first man will expand your consciousness. The second one, though speaking the same language, will dull it. It is not the words that convey your dimensions and multi-dimensional meanings, but it is your  voice, the electricity and meaning transferred through your voice. One person talks to all your seven "ears." The other talks only to your physical ear. When you hear even on one dimension a talk given in seven dimensions, your spirit feels content, satisfied, and happy, and you feel that there is a deeper message than what appears on the surface.

If a Teacher has three, four, or five levels, you feel them and you  feel satisfied. But if you have one level and no sensitivity, you remain unconvinced and dissatisfied because your other levels do not  get any nourishment. Thus your conviction depends on how many levels you have.

Our voice reflects our state of consciousness. The voice of the Teacher reflects his levels or the planes on which his consciousness or awareness is active. It is mostly through the voice of the Teacher that we understand the deeper meanings of his words.

- Excerpted from The Ageless Wisdom by Torkom Saraydarian

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