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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Suffering is Optional

The most common reason that people turn to spirituality is to deal with suffering. They don’t do this by accident, but because every religion promises that it can relieve pain, that faith transcends the sorrows of the flesh, that the soul is a refuge for the suffering heart. Yet when they turn to God or faith, or the soul, many people find no relief, or only the relief that otherwise might come from talking to a therapist.
Is there a special power found only in spirituality?

To answer this question, we have to realize, first of all, that pain is not same as suffering. Left to itself, the body discharges pain spontaneously, letting go of it the moment that the underlying cause is healed. Suffering is pain that we hold onto. It comes from the mind’s mysterious instinct to believe that pain is good, or that it cannot be escaped, or that the person deserves it. If none of these were present, suffering would not exist. It takes force of mind to create suffering, a blend of belief and perception that the person thinks he or she has no control over.

The secret cause of suffering is unreality itself.

The steps that lead to suffering:

1.      - Overlooking actual facts
2.      - Adopting a negative perception
3.      - Reinforcing that perception by obsessive thinking
4.      - Getting lost in the pain without looking for a way out
5.      - Comparing yourself to others
6.      -  Cementing the suffering through relationship 
      - Torkom Saraydarian

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Science of Complaints

Some people, because of their inner insecurity, express lots of complaints about the environment, about people, about the weather. this discourages people and directs their consciousness to unpleasant events existing in their environment.

A real person must never complain but instead try to analyze, observe, and encourage people in spite of conditions.

The atmosphere created by complaints can be highly toxic and flammable. Its affects the auras of people and slows down the centers of his immediate co-workers. Dark forces search for complaining people to destroy organizations.

Complaints sap the energy of co-workers and orient them negatively. They need, cheer,joy, positivity, courageous manners and attitude, not complaints.

Complaining also creates friction with the laws of nature and with the law of karma because nothing happens by accident, nothing happens outside of the law of karma. in the atmosphere of complaints no “flower”  flourishes. it has been observed for centuries that complaining destroys health, happiness, success, and prosperity, and builds a wall between the higher world and the lower world. complaining leads to isolation.

Complaints impress on our mind that the effort of analysis, examination, or observation is hopeless, and you develop a rejecting attitude when life presents you with unpleasant events or conditions which are observed as such because of your psychological conditioning or education.

Complaints   prevents  your horizon from expanding and limits it to negative imagery.   Complaints  affects the imagination and thought form building process. every complaint turns into a thought form through imagination, and time comes that he complaint is surrounded with negative and ugly thought forms and the person cannot free himself from their influence. Because of this his creativity decreases and his clear thinking slowly vanishes. The complainer becomes the victim of his complaints.

 Instead of complaining you can study the events as if they were necessary part of life, teaching you lessons that you missed.

Complaints obscure the pathways of inspiration and the joy of touching higher worlds. Complaints create a psychic fog and even a cloud through which one cannot see the reality of superior values or register the flow of impressions so vital for the growth of the soul.

Every time you think of complaining, focus your heart on gratitude and observe. Complaints emanate waves of energy through ones voice, but the energy waves do not go into space. They turn inward and fills ones aura, thus creating psychic congestion.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Battling Dark Forces - A Guide to Psychic Self-Defence

Life is often a battle. We are bombarded daily by forces inside and outside ourselves which may lead us away from health. happiness. and personal well-being. 

This book describes for you what the dark forces are. where they come from. and what purpose they serve. Most importantly. it shows us how we can gain victory over these forces and become true servers of light.

This book will open your eyes to both the seen and unseen worlds. With clarity of mind and emotions. you will finally learn how to be free from manipulation and exploitation.


You will learn:
• How the dark forces use alcohol and drugs to work their evil
• How to shield and protect yourself from dark attacks
• How to discriminate between good and evil
• How to distinguish between inner and outer attacks
• What are the subtle forms of attack
• When we are susceptible to attack
¢One effect of divine grace, as Jesus taught it, was to counter evil. Just as judgment is left to the Lord, so is punishing evil. Jesus uses conventional vocabulary at times when he speaks about Satan and possession by demons, but what rings far more true is his teaching that evil should not be resisted. As we saw earlier, learning how to overcome evil without resisting it involves a process. Jesus isn’t calling for instant conversion to pacifism, nor is he asking us to be blind to the terrible effects of evil when it goes unchecked.

¢What he is teaching changes as you pass through the stages of your own spiritual path. Reality is different in different states of consciousness, and that includes evil. You cannot pretend to love your enemy, yet when you come closer to God-consciousness, such compassion comes naturally.


¢Evil, like everything else, depends upon perception. As your perception changes, evil shifts. It’s very important that this shift occurs, because if you remain locked in a rigid hatred or fear of evil, you push your own shadow further out of sight. No matter how hard you struggle to overcome evil, unless you understand your own shadow, it will find new ways to bring back the thing you hate and fear.

¢Brooding on your negative traits isn’t going to bring the shadow to light. One act that will is confession. Find someone you feel you can trust. For many people, the only person might be a complete stranger, or it might be an entire support group whose purpose is healing. At a time that feels right to you, divulge something you feel ashamed or guilty about. Don’t begin with a serious crime or transgression. The aim here isn’t to confess to God, but to relate to your shadow in a new way.

¢The shadow can be defined as the hidden area of the self where forbidden feelings are hidden. These feelings cover a wide range, including anger, revenge, jealousy, prejudice, rampant sexual desire, and murderous rage. There is so much to uncover that people find it difficult to begin.

¢The only way to disarm the shadow is to relate to it in a different way, and when you reveal a secret to someone, your life in hiding begins to shift.

Evil is never pure and rarely simple. Instead of resorting to words like “evil” or “sinful,” go into the following areas:
¢Why am I hiding this bad thought, impulse, or action?
¢What am I ashamed of?
¢How do I think I am going to be hurt if this is exposed?
¢Am I being affected by memories of past punishment?
¢When I hear an inner voice judging me harshly, who from my past is actually speaking to me?
¢How would my self-image suffer if I revealed this?
¢Have I been working within a belief system that sees human beings as innately sinful?
¢Why do I choose to live with guilt instead of without it?
¢You need to ask these questions every time you step into the region of the shadow

- Torkom Saraydarian.

Friday, January 7, 2011


The most grievous failure of spirituality occurs in the face of evil. Even if you think you hold the ultimate truth in your hands , there is no guarantee that you will escape from evil. More violence has occurred in the religion than for any other reason. Hence the bitter aphorism: 



1.       The worst evil  is to hurt someone physically, or endanger their survival.
2.       The worst evil is to enslave people economically, depriving them of any chance to succeed and prosper.
3.       The worst evil is to destroy peace and bring about disorder.
4.       The worst evil is to entrap peoples mind.
5.       The worst evil is to destroy beauty, creativity , and freedom to explore.
6.       The worst evil is often difficult to tell from good, since all creation is relative.
7.       There is no evil, only the shifting patterns of consciousness in an eternal dance.



2.       ANONYMITY



Combat Evil Through Personal Transformation

It is important to remember that anything you can do to expand your awareness will automatically counter evil. Be gentle when you are tempted to be harsh. Pay attention when you are tempted to turn a blind eye. Accept that the negativity you are feeling belongs to you when you are tempted to blame someone else.

Personal transformation on this level is the highest way to combat evil. The more conscious you become, the more you come into balance. Once balanced, you can choose to reject destruction; your awareness expands beyond the immediate hurt to see that evolution is eternal and therefore eternally possible.
We would all agree that anger gives rise to many evil acts, not anger per se, but anger that has become trapped. If your awareness is open and free, anger flows through it. This applies both to rage generated inside yourself when you feel victimized, and anger that comes from outside, in the form of an attack.
Both are meant to leave when their job is done. Anger’s work is to alert your defense systems. Aggression and defense are part of the survival repertoire of almost every species that must compete to mate, find food, and occupy territory. Festering, it feeds on itself and eventually breaks out in violence.
Every living system that goes out of balance attempts to right itself. Despite all the talk about human beings being innately violent, aren’t we also innately gentle? The evidence for both is equally strong.
- Torkom Saraydarian.

Methods of attack

Dark forces use numerous methods to attack the forces of light. The following are just some of them:
  1. Dark forces charge objects and places  with their negative energy.
  2. Dark forces build thought forms and send them out.
  3. Evil works with disunity through   thought forms,  emotions, writings and so on.
  4. Dark forces create doubt.
  5. Dark forces mix fact with fiction.
  6. Dark forces degenerate the images of great ones.
  7. Sexual perversions and unnatural sexual acts are very damaging to human beings.
  8. Greed is another effective instrument of the dark forces.
  9. Dark forces work through hatred.
  10. Revenge is an everlasting calamity for humanity.
  11. The dark forces create the instrument of earth boundedness.
  12. Materialism is a tool in the devils hand.
  13. Another instrument of the dark forces is the operation and maintenance of so called pleasure establishments.
  14. The dark forces use many other activities which occupy or waste of time.
  15. Dark forces impress your mind with the superiority of luxury or laziness.
  16. Dark forces create irritation.
  17. Dark forces work by passing private and secret information to others.
  18. Dark forces work for the prevention of future vision.
  19. A method used by the servants of darkness can  be called “ reversing the polarity of the servant of light”.
  20. Dark forces try to prevent people from contacting or spreading new ideas which better fit the new conditions of the world than the old ways of thinking.
  21. Dark forces also encourage the art of distortion, fabrication, and alteration.
  22. Another way that agents of darkness work is by making people dependent upon them.
  23. The dark forces spread terror about themselves.
  24. Dark forces are against cooperation.
  25. Dark forces also use  a so called “positive “ technique which is to make certain people praise those individuals who are in sensitive positions and blow their minds out of proportion to such a degree that they develop incurable vanity.
  26. Another technique that is very prevalent these days is called a “ you know, you are technique”
    The dark forces want you to be  separative and non inclusive.

- Amalgamated from books of Torkom Saraydarian & Deepak Chopra.