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Friday, January 7, 2011

Methods of attack

Dark forces use numerous methods to attack the forces of light. The following are just some of them:
  1. Dark forces charge objects and places  with their negative energy.
  2. Dark forces build thought forms and send them out.
  3. Evil works with disunity through   thought forms,  emotions, writings and so on.
  4. Dark forces create doubt.
  5. Dark forces mix fact with fiction.
  6. Dark forces degenerate the images of great ones.
  7. Sexual perversions and unnatural sexual acts are very damaging to human beings.
  8. Greed is another effective instrument of the dark forces.
  9. Dark forces work through hatred.
  10. Revenge is an everlasting calamity for humanity.
  11. The dark forces create the instrument of earth boundedness.
  12. Materialism is a tool in the devils hand.
  13. Another instrument of the dark forces is the operation and maintenance of so called pleasure establishments.
  14. The dark forces use many other activities which occupy or waste of time.
  15. Dark forces impress your mind with the superiority of luxury or laziness.
  16. Dark forces create irritation.
  17. Dark forces work by passing private and secret information to others.
  18. Dark forces work for the prevention of future vision.
  19. A method used by the servants of darkness can  be called “ reversing the polarity of the servant of light”.
  20. Dark forces try to prevent people from contacting or spreading new ideas which better fit the new conditions of the world than the old ways of thinking.
  21. Dark forces also encourage the art of distortion, fabrication, and alteration.
  22. Another way that agents of darkness work is by making people dependent upon them.
  23. The dark forces spread terror about themselves.
  24. Dark forces are against cooperation.
  25. Dark forces also use  a so called “positive “ technique which is to make certain people praise those individuals who are in sensitive positions and blow their minds out of proportion to such a degree that they develop incurable vanity.
  26. Another technique that is very prevalent these days is called a “ you know, you are technique”
    The dark forces want you to be  separative and non inclusive.

- Amalgamated from books of Torkom Saraydarian & Deepak Chopra. 

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