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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Expansion of Consciousness - A Poem

See how flowers bloom.
See how stars shine.
See how fragrance spreads itself in space.

Everything expands from its core,
from within.

Direct your thoughts toward beauty,
toward symphony of the Universe.
Direct your thoughts toward the fields of light,
of love, toward the source of power.

Fuse your thoughts with the fields
of light and love and joy.

Thoughts are magnetic rays.
They absorb and channel that with which they come in contact.

Let the rays of your thoughts touch the fiery heart of the Universe.

Only energies coming from the heart of Cosmos
will expand your consciousness.
Every time your thoughts touch the Cosmic Heart,
your Chalice, your heart, will dance in joy.

It is this joy that expands your consciousness,
expands your horizons.

Keep your thoughts pure.
Only pure thoughts are pure transmitters of light, of love, of joy.

Expansion of consciousness is a road
leading you back Home.

Look how flowers bloom.....

Look how stars shine.....

Look how fragrance spreads......

Open your heart to the beauty of Cosmos.
Let your consciousness expand and
reflect the deeper image of far-off worlds,
the image of your glory within.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How do we expand our Consciousness II & III

The second step to expand our consciousness is to form groups, live with groups, and try to develop group consciousness.

Forming a group, thinking about the welfare of the units of the group and the welfare of the group as a unit expands our consciousness. That is what life does -- you have families, groups, nations, humanity, but do you live consciously?

In groups and nations we try to understand the need of the units, eradicate the obstacles of their growth and relationships, and to cause breakthroughs in their consciousness into the One Consciousness.

In the future, great workers will come and with creative methods show us how to live in the light of the One Consciousness in our diversifies manifestations.

The third major step if a unit ti expand its consciousness is to cultivate all needed "equipment" that can be intelligently used to meet the needs of the units, leading them to a higher level of consciousness.

Unless we become a bridge between higher and lower, we cannot expand our consciousness adequately. Increasing awareness develops in serving the needs of lower units by the light received from higher units.

This is what true service is. Consciousness expands through service, and every step of expansion of consciousness leads to greater fields of service.

- Torkom Saraydarian (Consciousness)

Friday, September 6, 2013

How do we expand our Consciousness?

The first practical step is keen observation.

You are going to observe. Observe how you are standing, how you are talking. Observe your emotions, observe your thoughts, observe your dreams, your hallucinations, daydreams, wishes, desires, hatreds, anger, jealousy, and revenge. Observe then because observation is like a tractor that expands the field of your existence. Observe. Everytime you do a real observation, you expand your consciousness a little more.

Observe yourself. Observe yourself physically, emotionally, mentally. Observe how and why you are lying. It is so interesting. When you lie, snap a picture at that moment and watch the movie. "Why did this man lie that way? Look at his face, look at his nose! Look how silly he was smiling. Look at his mind. Look at his craziness." Watch it!

Why were you jealous? Why were you afraid to enter this room? What caused that fear?

Observation is not to know how fat or lean people are.

Observe yourself. What were your reactions and responses? Ask, "Why was I pretending, imitating? Why was I not speaking the truth, the facts? What was the matter with me? Who is influencing me?

The field of observation eventually takes you out of the mud in which you have been living for five thousand years.

What are you doing when not observing yourself? You are losing yourself. The more you observe you observe yourself, the more you exist. Your failure is the result of your lack of observation.

Who or what is controlling you? As long as you are controlled inside and outside, you are not a free person. You are a football everyone is kicking for his own interest. No matter if it is your nation, your father, your mother, your teacher---whatever it is, you are controlled and "you" do not exist. You do exist only when you have control of yourself.

Free yourself from your controllers.

- Torkom Saraydarian (Consciousness - Part I)