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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Creative Use of Energy.

One must think in every way about economy of energy.

To expand our consciousness and to be creative in our world as well as in our outer relationships, we must first learn about the energies controlling our life expression.

It is interesting to note that all energy, the energy which we use for all actions and functions, is one. Its main source is one, but we have in our nature reservoirs where some energy is stored to use in time of need.

The main reservoirs are:
1. The physical body and its electrical counterpart.
2. The emotional nature.
3. The mental nature.
4. The psychic nature.
5. These four reservoirs have their special outlets for energy distribution. We have seven main outlets through which the one energy is differentiated and released for use.

Energy is used:

1. For physical actions, both consciously directed and automatically carried out in organs of the body; for example, in the heart, stomach, etc.

2. For sex,either for sense satisfaction or with creative purpose.

3. For compassion or in corresponding negative reactions.

4. For speech.

5. For mental research or work.

6. For creative purposes.

7. For spiritual achievements.

Each outlet , functioning on its particular level, draws its energy from the main reservoir. Sometimes the condition of the outlets is as follows.

1. They all leak.

2. Several act.

3. One overacts

4. Several overact

5. A few are asleep

6. Most of them are asleep or are not functioning.

Circumstances and happenings control and condition them.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Childish, the Adolescent, the Liberal & the Awakening

The Childish
The Adolescent
The Liberal
The Awakening
Take refuge below
Take refuge above
Take refuge on all sides
Take refuge not in position but in Being
Excuse their parents
Blame their parents
Parent their parents
Understand their parents
Sit under
Sit on
Sit between
Sit with
Want someone else to be in charge
Want no one else to be in charge
Are not sure who they want to be in charge
Recognize and cooperate with what actually is in charge
Confuse love with romance
Confuse love with freedom
Confuse love with sympathy
Are not confused about love
Erect pedestals
Mount pedestals
Level all pedestals save those of liberalism
Need no pedestals
Look up to
Look down upon
Look horizontally
Look inside their looking
Are busy being nobody
Are busy being somebody
Are busy being everybody
Simply Are
Turn shame into guilt
Turn shame into aggression
Turn shame into Impotence
Turn shame into freedom
Indulge in self-blame
Cultural blame
Do not blame
Crave parenting
Fight parenting
Legislate parenting
Are at the mercy of others’ opinions
Are at the mercy of their own opinions
Make moral real estate out of honoring all opinions
Don’t take opinions (including their own) seriously
Idolize the Sage
Discredit the Sage
Avoid the Sage
Make an opportunity out of the Sage
Act helpless
Are help
Swallow it
Reject it
Trivialize it
Respond to it until it’s no longer an it
Personify false innocence
Personify false maturity
Personify false friendship
Personify Being
Open indiscriminately
Open suspiciously
Open bureaucratically
Open until there is only openness
Fear hardness
Fear softness
Fear solidity
Don’t make a problem out of fear
Indulge in judging themselves
Indulge in judging others
Indulge in judging conditions
Do not judge
Look after they leap
Look before they leap
Look without leaping
Look as they leap
Assume someone else has It
Assume they have It
Assume no one has It
Are It