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Monday, October 10, 2011


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Reservoirs of Thought

It is possible to come in contact with reservoirs of thought of Great Lives in Space. These thoughts are not similar to the thoughts which channels or mediums transmit from "space-people." These thoughts are very revelatory and dynamic. They introduce great changes into life and often express themselves as great inventions, leadership, creative movements, and synthesis.

Many people have contact with such thoughts, but they are divided into various levels:

1. Those who know about the existence of such reservoirs of thought but cannot tune in with them.
2. Those who have certain contacts with these thoughts but do not have the needed equipment and purity to express or translate them.
3. Those who have a communication line with these thoughts but who, because of their limitations or separative interests, lower the charge of the currents and use them for their narrow fields.
4. Those who have conscious contact with them and who, because of their dedication to the Common Good, can receive a tiny current from them and use them creatively to uplift people around them.
5. Those who are really in tune with them and who, because of their age-long preparation and readiness, receive them and broadcast them as life-giving ideas, visions, and revelations to humanity. These are ones who are called Masters.

The progress of the human being is a process of better and better tuning in with such reservoirs of thought

As air and sunshine are necessary for planetary life, the thought reservoirs-of Great Lives are more necessary for the survival of humanity. It is these thoughts that orient people toward their future development and achievements.

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Crystallized Thinking

Those who are living in crystallized thoughtforms, traditions, and religions do not keep pace with the advancing life.

Such thoughtforms, traditions, and religious beliefs keep people retarded on the path of evolution and gradually create friction with the advancing life. This friction eventually reaches such a momentum that it begins to violate the laws formulated by the advancing life.

For example, the cruelties practiced by crystallized fanatics in politics, religion, or in other fields eventually make them confront the law and fall into endless troubles.

People who act through crystallization cannot generally change and be inclusive except by falling into trouble and facing themselves. Their misdeeds — viewed from the progressive viewpoint — become not only their judge but also their salvation.

It is observed that all crystallized thinking acts against the Common Good because crystallization becomes for people a shelter in which to pursue their egocentric interests. On the other hand, such people do a great service to humanity not because of their good deeds but because of their violations and J mistakes.

It is not easy to change the thinking of people, the laws, and the traditional ways of living by fighting against them, but a big violation of the law or the manifestation of a mistake can shake people and urge them to take actions to prevent future repetitions of the same mistakes.

Sometimes those who have done wrong are victims, but through their involuntary sacrifice they have changed many things in life.

The present method of dealing with wrong doers is to punish them. In the future this will change. Every convicted person will enter into schools of transformation where they will be subjected to various methods of a transformation process.

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Every object or event we experience leaves in our etheric brain an image with a specific frequency. When we see the object again or experience a similar event, that special image frequency identifies with it and we remember the previous object or event. Each identification processes into a memory.

Actually our etheric brain is part of the global etheric brain. The global etheric brain is the hard disk. Our etheric brain is a floppy disk, but its contents are also in the hard disk. This floppy disk has the ability to penetrate into the hard disk of the planet and record much information of a higher order. Until the scientists accept the etheric brain, they will ponder and remain in the labyrinths of the physical brain.

Ancients researched memory and called the planetary etheric brain Akasha. Akasha is the hard disk. The same recordings in the individual are in Akasha. The difference is that Akasha contains the sumtotal of the memory of all objects and events, and the floppy disk is individual. When the individual develops the Antahkarana, which connects the floppy disk to Akasha, the individual slowly becomes aware of the records of Akasha.

In comparison to the solar memory hard disk, the planetary hard disk is a floppy disk. The planetary Antahkarana must be connected to it to make the?* planetary floppy disk contact the solar hard disk.

There are several obstacles to memory. Our memory does not function if the electrical or etheric brain is polluted with the lies and deceit through which we manipulated people. Also, our memory withdraws after every criminal act or hateful act we commit. It is very interesting that our memory is closely linked to our eyesight. When our memory weakens, our eyesight weakens.

Other obstacles to our memory are glamors, illusions, crystallizations, and maya.

Glamors are crystallizations in the astral plane. Illusions are crystallizations in the mental plane. Maya is a crystallization of force in the-etheric plane. These crystallizations affect the etheric brain, and a tumor is created through which memory is leaked into the ocean of the All Penetrating Mind, the Universal Mind, Mahat. The mind short-circuits because of these three obstacles.

Various viruses which impede the memory are the result of such obstacles. Distortion of energy patterns in the etheric brain evoke or create viruses that destroy the vehicles of the distorted etheric brain.

Thus, everything we experience goes to the hard disk in the planetary computer as well as being recorded in our own diskette. This diskette is built by ! etheric matter and is encased by brain cells. Memories can be awakened through brain cells combined with etheric matter, or they can be awakened through etheric beings which the soul contacts at times.

The brain has no specific portion for specific functions, but the etheric body has corresponding places in the etheric brain that affect the dense physical brain as its dense counterpart. Also the etheric brain as a diskette does not own the memories. They are in the etheric body and in the hard disk of the planet.

Kinds of Memory:

There are two kinds of memory. The first is the ability to remember events, words, poems, ideas, music, etc. The second one is the subjective memory.

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How to Free Yourself From the Pressure of the Past

Those people who cannot free themselves from the memories of their wrong doings and are continuously hounded by them will find the following ritual to be of great assistance.

Spiritual transformation cannot proceed in the right way and at the required speed if the consciousness of the aspirant or disciple is loaded with memories of harmful acts committed at various times and places, under various circumstances.

These memories may be uprooted through repentance, if the subject cannot find any other way to free himself of them. Repentance is conducted by

1. Remembering

• harmful actions
• harmful feelings
• harmful thoughts
• harmful words or slander
• harmful behavior

2. Pondering the future consequences of the above factors regarding others and oneself

3. Deciding not to repeat these five factors

4. Compensating those to whom harm was done in various ways, whether by thought, word, or action

5. Invoking divine power to help you resist any tendency to hurt people for self-interest or because of jealousy, revengefulness, hatred, greed, or irritation

Lord Buddha says, "All sins are just like frost or dew. The Sun of wisdom can disperse them."