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Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Free Yourself From the Pressure of the Past

Those people who cannot free themselves from the memories of their wrong doings and are continuously hounded by them will find the following ritual to be of great assistance.

Spiritual transformation cannot proceed in the right way and at the required speed if the consciousness of the aspirant or disciple is loaded with memories of harmful acts committed at various times and places, under various circumstances.

These memories may be uprooted through repentance, if the subject cannot find any other way to free himself of them. Repentance is conducted by

1. Remembering

• harmful actions
• harmful feelings
• harmful thoughts
• harmful words or slander
• harmful behavior

2. Pondering the future consequences of the above factors regarding others and oneself

3. Deciding not to repeat these five factors

4. Compensating those to whom harm was done in various ways, whether by thought, word, or action

5. Invoking divine power to help you resist any tendency to hurt people for self-interest or because of jealousy, revengefulness, hatred, greed, or irritation

Lord Buddha says, "All sins are just like frost or dew. The Sun of wisdom can disperse them."

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