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Monday, October 10, 2011

Reservoirs of Thought

It is possible to come in contact with reservoirs of thought of Great Lives in Space. These thoughts are not similar to the thoughts which channels or mediums transmit from "space-people." These thoughts are very revelatory and dynamic. They introduce great changes into life and often express themselves as great inventions, leadership, creative movements, and synthesis.

Many people have contact with such thoughts, but they are divided into various levels:

1. Those who know about the existence of such reservoirs of thought but cannot tune in with them.
2. Those who have certain contacts with these thoughts but do not have the needed equipment and purity to express or translate them.
3. Those who have a communication line with these thoughts but who, because of their limitations or separative interests, lower the charge of the currents and use them for their narrow fields.
4. Those who have conscious contact with them and who, because of their dedication to the Common Good, can receive a tiny current from them and use them creatively to uplift people around them.
5. Those who are really in tune with them and who, because of their age-long preparation and readiness, receive them and broadcast them as life-giving ideas, visions, and revelations to humanity. These are ones who are called Masters.

The progress of the human being is a process of better and better tuning in with such reservoirs of thought

As air and sunshine are necessary for planetary life, the thought reservoirs-of Great Lives are more necessary for the survival of humanity. It is these thoughts that orient people toward their future development and achievements.

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These thoughts fill Space with higher frequencies, and it is not easy to tune to them.

One drop from these thoughts can enlighten a life and lead a person to his Cosmic destination.

To attract these thoughtwaves not only do we need to be able to tune in with them, but we also need a great magnetism which comes to us through a sacrificial life dedicated for ages to the service of humanity. Real magnetism develops in three stages:

1. Dedication to the Light within
2. Dedication to the service of humanity
3. Dedication to the Law of the Hierarchy or to the purpose of the Hierarchy, to the life of the Hierarchy

The Law of the Hierarchy can be summarized as:

a. striving toward the summit, labor, doing good, and aspiration toward the Hierarchy
b. at all times acting, speaking, and thinking in the presence of the Hierarchy
c. never creating duality between our consciousness or conscience and our deeds, words, and dreams
d. always striving toward Beauty, Goodness, Righteous, Joy, Freedom, unity, and synthesis and always helping others to achieve these seven principles
e. always doing all that is possible to bring to life the knowledge, the purity, the bliss, and the beauty of the Hierarchy
f. the law of progressive, never-ending unfoldment, perfection, and cooperation in the current of psychic energy
g. the law of bridging the lowest and the highest, self-sacrifice, pure love, striving toward the future, and reaffirmation of the Divine Image in man. The Hierarchy must be taken as a brotherhood of all those advanced human beings Who, after conquering death, stay on the planet to help humanity continue its evolution in the best way possible and without losing much time. Because of Their high achievement, we are told that They can watch the life of any disciple when They want to see if he is making good progress, and occasionally They strengthen him on the Path. Thus, every disciple actually lives under Their watchful eyes.

One needs to be alert every minute and live according to the presence of the Law of the Hierarchy. Living in the presence of the Law of the Hierarchy develops within us a great amount of pure magnetism which gradually tunes us to the reservoirs of thought of Great Lives.

It is imperative that leaders develop more refined reservoirs within their higher bodies and increase their magnetism to receive inspiration and directions from higher sources.

The thought reservoirs of Great Lives are not accumulated creative thoughts in space which have mostly human origins. They are not accumulations of the wisdom in Space from Great Ones on this planet. They are also not sendings from Great Lives or Avatars in Space. Butthese thought reservoirs of Great Lives are Their auras, extending thousands of miles into Space.

These auras do not precipitate in the sense that they have an electrical ring-pass-not. One must be able to penetrate into them to be able to contact them and build a channel of light to transmit them to the world.

These thought reservoirs hold within their borders the future glories of life, the future bliss and joy of life. Before one is able to come in contact with them, he must ground himself firmly in the service of life. Without having such a grounding, any contact with them either burns the person or suspends him in the air for years.

Daily dedicated labor and difficulties and problems of life are the necessary tools to ground us firmly on earth. Unless the grounding is perfect, we must not dare to come in contact with the reservoirs of thought of Great Lives. Many mental problems and unhealthy psychic conditions are the result of premature efforts to contact Higher Realms.

Contact with such reservoirs of thought must be attempted occasionally if one feels that
1. his equipment is ready
2. he is pure enough
3. he is grounded
4. he has magnetism

You can start thinking about Infinity and then slowly direct your attention toward the Great Lives expressing themselves as galaxies, zodiacal signs, or stars. Years may pass without result. Actually, seeking results can hinder the contact. But gradually you will feel the expansion of your consciousness to such a degree that life seems to you like child's play. It is this that provides a grounding. Remember that you cannot produce light unless you bridge the universal and the mundane.

Expansion of consciousness brings you greater joy. After this joy you feel the germination of great ideas in your heart.

Your future course will depend upon your past karma, your psychic energy, youttjhought power, and your accumulated wisdom, courage, and daring. After you have the first conscious contact, the boat of your existence will extend its sails and be immediately filled with the spatial winds from the limitless ocean.

One who stands on the shore can only express a wish — bon voyage.

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