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Monday, October 10, 2011


Every object or event we experience leaves in our etheric brain an image with a specific frequency. When we see the object again or experience a similar event, that special image frequency identifies with it and we remember the previous object or event. Each identification processes into a memory.

Actually our etheric brain is part of the global etheric brain. The global etheric brain is the hard disk. Our etheric brain is a floppy disk, but its contents are also in the hard disk. This floppy disk has the ability to penetrate into the hard disk of the planet and record much information of a higher order. Until the scientists accept the etheric brain, they will ponder and remain in the labyrinths of the physical brain.

Ancients researched memory and called the planetary etheric brain Akasha. Akasha is the hard disk. The same recordings in the individual are in Akasha. The difference is that Akasha contains the sumtotal of the memory of all objects and events, and the floppy disk is individual. When the individual develops the Antahkarana, which connects the floppy disk to Akasha, the individual slowly becomes aware of the records of Akasha.

In comparison to the solar memory hard disk, the planetary hard disk is a floppy disk. The planetary Antahkarana must be connected to it to make the?* planetary floppy disk contact the solar hard disk.

There are several obstacles to memory. Our memory does not function if the electrical or etheric brain is polluted with the lies and deceit through which we manipulated people. Also, our memory withdraws after every criminal act or hateful act we commit. It is very interesting that our memory is closely linked to our eyesight. When our memory weakens, our eyesight weakens.

Other obstacles to our memory are glamors, illusions, crystallizations, and maya.

Glamors are crystallizations in the astral plane. Illusions are crystallizations in the mental plane. Maya is a crystallization of force in the-etheric plane. These crystallizations affect the etheric brain, and a tumor is created through which memory is leaked into the ocean of the All Penetrating Mind, the Universal Mind, Mahat. The mind short-circuits because of these three obstacles.

Various viruses which impede the memory are the result of such obstacles. Distortion of energy patterns in the etheric brain evoke or create viruses that destroy the vehicles of the distorted etheric brain.

Thus, everything we experience goes to the hard disk in the planetary computer as well as being recorded in our own diskette. This diskette is built by ! etheric matter and is encased by brain cells. Memories can be awakened through brain cells combined with etheric matter, or they can be awakened through etheric beings which the soul contacts at times.

The brain has no specific portion for specific functions, but the etheric body has corresponding places in the etheric brain that affect the dense physical brain as its dense counterpart. Also the etheric brain as a diskette does not own the memories. They are in the etheric body and in the hard disk of the planet.

Kinds of Memory:

There are two kinds of memory. The first is the ability to remember events, words, poems, ideas, music, etc. The second one is the subjective memory.

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This second kind of memory is the result of remembering subjective experiences on the astral, mental, or higher_planes. Unless this memory is cultivated, the accumulation of data throughourfive senses will not have a purposeful direction to help us reach gradual perfection. Reality is found when the accumulations of the first memory system coincide and harmonize with the memories accumulated in the subjective world.

We dream about some event, and later the event takes place on the physical plane. This subjective memory is collected in the correspondences of the brain in higher bodies. It is formed by the recordings of various senses in astral, mental, and higher planes. Unless these senses are sufficiently developed, the memory will not be clear in details and subtleties.

It is possible that astral and mental memories can be reflections of experiences registered in the Intuitional World.

When you awaken early in the morning, think about all the dream experiences you had during sleep. How many of them can you remember — how clearly and in how much detail? In observing your subjective memory, you will come to the conclusion that it is not properly developed, and because of this you cannot use most of the wisdom or experience that you have in your subjective existence. When your higher mechanisms are constructed properly, their recordings will improve. To build these higher bodies, you need to save your energies and use them for the building of higher bodies.

When you try to remember your dream experiences, try to find out which events were astral, which ones were mental, and if there were any higher experiences too. Such an effort to discriminate between the qualities and sources of the dreams makes you see how sometimes one experience reflects on different planes in different forms; or how one experience manifests in its astral, mental, and intuitional parts on these planes. Through such an effort, the experience becomes more complete in your memory and more useful in our life.

Our present memory is yet very primitive. We forget people, their names.... Half of our dreams are forgotten. We do not remember the books we read or the words spoken to us. We do not remember things we learn ... and in general, when we open our eyes, all our subjective experiences melt away. How can we cultivate subjective memory?

Subjective memory is developed when

1. We cultivate calmness and peace
2. We do not have conflict in our mind
3. We do not have conflict between what we believe and what we do
4. Our conscience does not bother us
5. Our nervous system is healthy and not intoxicated
6. We do not have imperil1
7. We are harmless
8. We know how to sleep
9. We have an intense desire to be conscious in the subtle planes
10. Our mind is disciplined in concentration, meditation, and thinking
11. Our aura is not agitated by wrong speech, malice, slander, and belittling gossip
12. We are dedicated to human service

It is very important to have subjective memory because so much is possible in the subjective world:

1. One can learn about causes producing world events.
2. One can learn the ways to introduce new causes to balance or defeat destructive causes before they come into manifestation.
3. One can see what effect his life has on the Inner Worlds.
4. One can consciously engage himself in building higher instruments and bodies to be more active in Higher Worlds.
5. One can collect precious pearls of wisdom from the shores of Higher Worlds and contact sources of great inspirations.
6. In being more conscious and in developing the ability to remember, one advances on the path of perfecting himself.
7. With conscious contact and cultivated memory, one lives a more balanced and benevolent life on the physical plane.

Subjective and objective memory are like the two cups of the balance. Both must be developed to keep equilibrium in life. The tapestry of life is woven by subjective and objective memories.

The relationship, the influence, and the effects which bodies and forms exercise upon each other can be seen more clearly in the subjective worlds. The deeper one goes, the more clearly he sees how bodies, emanations, and the chemism created through interaction bring changes in others, in their form and direction.

Only on the lower levels are bodies seen as separate objects. In the Subtle World, bodies live in the same energy pool. Such a realization comes as one penetrates into Higher Worlds.

Only from the Higher Worlds can one see the future outcome of any relationship going on in the physical world. As one goes deeper into the higher spheres, he becomes aware of causes. In lower levels, people are occupied with effects; they fight or deal with effects. It is in Higher Worlds that the causes are discovered and used to bring changes or restoration upon lower levels. All this can be done if the subjective memory is clear and not a mixture of hallucinations.

We have a memory storage and a memory operating room. Storage is not inactive. It is always being added to and rearranged, but it is not under the immediate control of the "demands of the need." The memory operating room is like an open map which man uses daily to meet his needs. The consciousness operates both of them, but the storage operates like the hard disk in the computer, and the memory operating room is the menu under the control of the conscious demand for the immediate need.

These two sections of the memory are related-to each other by associative impulses. When a part of the memory from the operating room is not used, jt slowly sinks into the memory storage; but it is not lost. In the memory storage, we have all the languages which we used in our past existences, but it is difficult to call them back.

These two sections remain separate and aloof in our waking consciousness, but as our consciousness operates on higher and higher planes, these two sections of the memory unite. Then we clearly remember in our waking consciousness all that we call our past.

The life unit which we call the human soul advances by using his bodies, and the memory diskettes of his bodies, gradually and step by step putting them in his storage room, of bodies after they are conquered and mastered. He uses the memory operating room of his latest built or discovered body. For example, when his consciousness focuses itself in the astral body, the operating room of the memories of the physical body becomes the storage room of memories. When he focuses his consciousness in the mental body, the astral operating room of memories becomes the storage room of memories, and so on.

When the intuitional body is built and in an operative stage, gradually all storage rooms of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies become the memory operating room of the intuitional awareness. This goes on until the awareness operates in the atmic body, where all memories function as an "eternal now."

In the intuitional state, the awareness unit or the human soul goes through a great labor to clean the files of the storages. All accumulated data which does not correspond to reality is burned away. This is sometimes a very painful process because pseudo facts have their long chains which disturb many recordings when pulled out and burned away.

These kinds of chains have reality and unreality links woven together. Since these chains are related to the factual memories with their reality links, the real memories in the storage are often left paralyzed or dead because of the unreality links which must be thrown out from the chains.

The plan is that age after age man must conquer and master his vehicles and let them one by one function on their own, in harmony with the rest of the vehicles. For example, the physical body does its own job and man does not need to operate the blood circulation, the workings of the organs and glands, etc. They work by themselves. But this was not always so.

The physical permanent atom is the reservoir of all the training the body has gone through for millions of ages — through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms — until the command posts and switches were created and established in it to run without any deliberate effort. The body now works as an automaton, as a self-controlled mechanism, as long as it receives energy from the soul to do so.

Our astral and mental bodies must go through the same process. First, they must be built. Then they must function by our conscious decisions. Then they will be left free to do their duties as if they were a self-operating computer. In this stage, man will expect that his physical, emotional, and mental bodies will function according to the programming of the soul. Of course, this programming can change, life after life, and be improved in such a way that the three bodies and the soul function more harmoniously.

When the mental body is conquered and mastered, then it will fall under the threshold of consciousness and work as a programmed computer doing what it is told to do. Then the human soul will begin to build his intuitional body, and Intuition will take the place of the former ability of "conscious thinking." The intellect will be surpassed and replaced by the Intuition. The Intuition will eliminate all those mechanisms built and used by the intellect because the Intuition will consider them as hindrances to development of the human soul.

The Intuition will usher in the Age of Synthesis, which means that every object will be viewed and analyzed from the viewpoint of physical conditions, emotional conditions, mental conditions, plus intuitional conditions. This is what the four-dimensional outlook is. Thus man will leave behind body after body as he conquers and masters them.

A day will come when he will do the same with the other glorious bodies and eventually arrive at a state of beingness in which all his seven bodies fuse and synthesize in such a way that in their totality they form one body called the Cosmic Physical Plane body. Then the human soul will penetrate into the Cosmic Astral Plane and repeat his labor on a higher spiral. He will build a Cosmic astral body, a Cosmic mental body, and so on until the Cosmic Planes are conquered as a whole.... The Wisdom says that there are Christ-like Beings working in this stage and others on still higher Cosmic planes.

Greater things can be achieved if small things are done in the spirit of perfection. The goal is to achieve a greater and greater synthesis until one reaches the Central Core of Synthesis which controls all that exists. In this stage memory vanishes, and the awareness of man operates in past, present, and future as if it were a mirror of now.

When memory fades, man attains the state which is called qmniconsciousness. But life has many caves which must be investigated thoroughly if one wants to reach such a state.

Our memory must also be cultivated in relation to certain people who come into our lives either for joy or for grief. Such people evoke a feeling in us that we know them,... but where and when? Such a feeling is a subtle memory which must be investigated to find out more about it.

Every person who comes into your life is the representative of a part of your being not yet investigated or realized. The investigation and realization starts when such a person meets you, and especially when he bothers you. First, you are forced to see him as he is and have a good idea about his nature. Then you have a feeling that he is a projection of a part of your being. Then you turn your eyes to the part of your being which was being neglected.

Thus the representative of a part of your nature helps you study your neglected portion of yourself. He is a dramatic demonstration of the neglected part of your nature, and he serves to develop a way of approach to that part in you so that you come to the realization that you are dealing not with a human being but with a part of yourself.

The most difficult transition is the point where you recognize a part of yourselftin him. Later, when you analyze the hatred and repulsion you used against him, you will see how and why you hurt your own self so much to learn the existence of the same corresponding part within your own nature.

Such a representation is not always negative. It can also be a comic presentation of yourself, or a glorious presentation of your own nature. This means that in changing your nature, you come in contact with great or weird personalities. If you are changing your nature toward perfection, you will have in your life those who present that improving part of yourself. At the same time, people will come to reveal things in you which are still stupid, silly, or poisonous to make you get rid of them.

Most of the actors in our dreams play similar roles — to reflect certain parts of our nature and enable us to study them for a possible change.

It also happens that the persons who influenced us and whom we hated deeply in this life impress us so strongly that in the following lives we dramatize them in our life, repeating with others everything they did to us. This means, simply, that people cannot create harmony with each other because they hate in each other the things that they hate within themselves. Unless they clean the things that they hate within themselves, they cannot stop fighting against the same things that are within others.

For example, if a man and a woman are fighting with each other, they may eventually choose to separate from each other. But this does not solve the problem because their problem is not in the other person but within themselves. The new person who will come into their lives will either continue reflecting the parts they do not like within themselves, or he will evoke deeper problems hidden within each person's nature. This is why we say that the best moment to separate is after one solves his problems and reaches a peaceful state of relationship. This is because such a state is stagnant and cannot help the development and release of things hidden within one's nature.

People have expectations of each other. When these expectations are not fulfilled, they argue or tight witn each otner. l ne reason is always the same: The one who has expectations from you is the one who is failing in fulfilling his own expectations of himself, and you are reflecting his condition. He is fighting with you as the reflection of his own problem.

Whatever one does not like in himself, he fights against its reflection in others. One must be wise enough to see the reflection of his good or bad parts in others, to use them as a mirror, and then to correct himself within his own nature.

When two people, such as a husband and wife, fight with each other and decide to separate from each other, they are actually escaping, not from each other but from themselves. Their problems are going to continue with others because the new companion will either evoke the same weaknesses and reflect them or unearth new factors within each person to perpetuate the drama. Sometimes the new companion is worse because the people start the same problems from the beginning again, instead of dealing with the last part of the problems.

The sign that one has not started to solve his own problems is that he fights with you. When he solves his problems, he will not have any reason to fight with you.

When partners reflect each other's good parts, then there is love, understanding, and harmony. But such a life sometimes becomes boring if people do not challenge each other for higher achievements.

One must realize and confess that what he was fighting in you was the thing he was not fighting within himself. Part of him which is not visible to him is visible in you. In the same way, the part of you that is not visible to you, he is making visible to you with his behavior.

To impose on each other means to make the other do things that, you did not do for yourself. The more you impose yourself, the more you lose the chance of solving your own problems.

Man invokes; woman evokes.3 When these roles are reversed, you have problems. For example, if woman invokes, man rejects her because she is in his territory. If man evokes, woman rejects him because that is her territory. When a man rejects the evoking of a woman, the woman feels frustrated and tries to impose herself to receive a response from the man. Because she rebels against the man's unresponsiveness, the man hates her in his turn, and he wants to impose himself on her. Then she rejects him because he did not respond to her demand.... This is a vicious circle. Each one must look inside himself or herself.

One must also remember that these complications do not necessarily come from the events of the present. Many complications exist in our memory which, by association, come to the surface. Old events play again and again until they are understood and permanently solved.

You can protect the other party by controlling your own weaknesses within yourself. This is why great Teachers emphasized that we must "love" our enemies, not for the sake of loving their cruelties and crimes but because in "loving" them we prevent taking them into our nature and dramatizing them in our next life.

Memory must one day extend itself to these areas, too, and show us where we failed to use such people to study ourselves and instead hated them.

It is also true that when you personify in your nature the character of one whom you hated, in future lives when you meet that person you present to him what he gave to you in the past. You present to him the part of his nature that needs change, cultivation, or development. This is how people help each other painfully, joyfully, unconsciously, and consciously.4

Painful Memories

One of the hindrances to our creativity is the flow of painful memories. This flow of painful memories often

1. mixes with the current of spiritual force and manifests as mixture of ugliness and beauty, carrying with it a destructive influence.
2. blocks the current of creative fire for a long or short time.
3. connects the consciousness of the person to remote events of a negative and painful nature. The remote events overflow into the mental body and devour the mental energy and the creative fire. They manifest as a caravan of painful events which trap the human soul and make him concerned only with those elements which secure the safety of the personality.

However, if a person has control of the subconscious mind, or repairs the lower mind, the situation dramatically changes and the creative fire uses old memories to demonstrate how the Law of Cause and Effect functions and how, through these memories, some very precious lessons are learned.

An advanced person can use the memories of painful events, downfalls, short-comings, failures, and experiences and turn them into masterpieces of art: paintings, music, poetry, and so on.

A person can never understand himself if he does not analyze the events of his past and discover those psychological laws and causes which produced certain events. But one cannot clearly analyze them and stay unharmed if he is not elevated to the higher mental plane.

Great artists know how to build ladders of ascent for other people with the elements of their own past failures. In this art a person can see the misery of past failures, but also the striving and the ladder upon which the striving spirit succeeds in climbing to reach great spiritual heights.

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