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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Thinking is the process to:

a. search and discover
b. translate
c. relate
d. transmit energy
e. create
f. direct energy
g. destroy
h. analyze
i. solve problems
j. put things into application
k. synthesize

These are the eleven main qualities of a mind that is in the process of thinking.

a. The mind searches for causes and for their possible effects. It learns how the causes produce effects. It sees how effects in their turn become causes to produce further effects. If we develop our minds, we will be able to avoid creating causes which will lead us to destruction, and we will know how effects can be annihilated by creating new causes.

b. The mind also translates the impressions coming from the five senses. It also translates impressions, ideas, inspirations, and visions coming from higher sources and formulates them for application. It is only through right translation that the mind communicates the source of the "message" and takes right action.

c. The mind relates. Thinking is a process of building relationships. Through thinking man learns that life can exist only on the foundation of right relationship. Thinking means to relate things to each other in right ways. It is just like writing a paragraph: each word must be related in the right way to express a meaning. If the words are related improperly, there will be no meaning but only chaos. The mind tries to relate to give manifestation to an idea.

d. The mind transmits energy. If the mind is not in order, the physical body does not receive the proper amounts of energy. We are told that prana is digested only when the mind is in high order.

The mind is the transmitter of energy into the nervous system. The slightest conflict or agitation in the mind weakens the nervous system, the glandular system, and their corresponding organs.

As the mind develops and refines, it transmits higher energy to the body. A period even comes in the life of the individual in which the mind not only transmits energy but also regenerates, heals, and transforms the body.

e. The mind creates. Thinking is a creative process. The creative process is an effort to translate and manifest an idea in a form that was not in existence before.

On every level, in every age, we have different needs. The mind tries to meet our needs by constructing forms that can be used, forms which give intense joy, forms which lead us toward higher achievements.

True creativity is a process of actualizing an idea. If the idea is not in the created form, it is a failure.

f. The mind directs energy through thoughts, through thoughtforms, through concentration, and through vision.

As the human being develops, he will be able to energize seeds, plants, trees, and human beings through his thought power. Through thought power man will put his physical, etheric, emotional, and mental mechanisms in order and eliminate factors that are not in harmony with health, joy, and freedom. It will even be possible to use the mind to eliminate and destroy hindrances in the seven fields of human endeavor.

g.Thinking can also destroy. In one sense it destroys superstitions, prejudices, illusions, vanities, and ignorance. In another sense it destroys cultures, civilizations, spiritual values, and those who are carriers of values. For a long time thinking can go in both directions unless the heart sheds its light upon it. Once the light of the heart is felt in the mind, thoughts only destroy those elements that hinder the path of humanity toward freedom, unity, and synthesis.

h. The mind analyzes. Thinking is a process of analysis. In analysis we try to see the individual parts that form the whole. The concept of wholeness cannot be achieved until the analyzer realizes that the parts only have a value in the wholeness. Once the relationship is seen between the parts and the whole, the analyzer finds out how to condition the parts to make them have right relationship with the whole.

i. The mind solves problems. Thinking is a problem-solving labor. Those who do not know how to think create problems. Those who know how to think solve problems.

So far, the human mind has solved many problems created by those who did not know how to think. If human thought is guided by higher principles, the planet will survive. If not, through wrong thinking, selfish thinking, dark thinking, we will end all that we created on this planet since the Atlantean disaster. The sinking of Atlantis proved that Atlanteans did not know how to think. Do we?

j. The mind puts things into application. This is thinking. If you cannot think, you cannot use all that exists around you. You may misuse things, which means you do not use things for the purpose for which they were created; you use things not for your and others' best interests but for creating chaos.

Thinking is the art through which you apply things in right ways and receive maximum results.

k. The mind synthesizes. Thinking is a process of orchestration of many laws, principles, objects, memories, formulas, plans, and goals. Each thought is a synthesis, and real thinking has the power to synthesize.

To synthesize means to relate things in such a way that all parts benefit, dedicating themselves for the Common Good, for the whole. The greater the power of synthesis, the greater the mind. One can keep his balance and harmony with the energies of the Universe only through surfing on the summits of synthesis.

Furthermore, thinking has three levels. On the first level the evolving human soul penetrates the peripheries of the light of the Inner Guide and through that light solves his basic problems.

On the second level the evolving human soul penetrates deeper into the light of the Inner Guide, and a kindling process takes place within his Core. It is through increasing the light within himself that the human soul tries to meet his problems.

On the third level the evolving human soul fuses his light with the light of the Inner Guide, and with this blended light he meets his problems. At this stage he has the viewpoint and strength of the light of the Inner Guide, which not only illuminates his mind but also inspires and reveals higher visions.

Thought is creative when it is the manifestation of an inner Plan and Purpose and causes transformation in others, leading them toward a purposeful life.

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