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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Thoughts are electrical waves with different frequencies and voltages emanating from minds.

People move constantly within the presence of thoughts. Thoughts exist in space, and they have their life cycles. Some live long years and influence people's minds and Nature as a whole. Some live a short life, and some fade away right after they are born.

Human minds radiate thoughtwaves constantly. They create them or reflect them. They amplify them or weaken them. Thoughtwaves always keep the human mind and human life busy.

You can accept thoughts or reject them. You can see the effects of your thoughts on others and on yourself. Also, you can see the effects of the thoughts of others on life in general. You can produce thoughts that are beautiful and that help you and others enjoy life and progress on the path of perfection.

Thoughts as objects can be known and brought under your control through

1. observation
2. concentration
3. discrimination

These three steps will enable you to master your thought life and use your thoughts creatively.

Through observation you can find out how thoughts are produced, their quality, the sources of various thoughts, and how and by what centers they are registered.

Some people do not know that they have thoughts. They do not-know that thoughts exist as separate objects. In some cases they are identified with their thoughts.

There are mainly eight sources of thoughts:

1. Thoughts are produced by lower level human beings. These beings are mostly focused in the centers below the diaphragm. Eighty percent of all thoughtforms are generated by such beings. They are mostly thoughtforms of desires such as sex, food, objects, anger, fear, and greed. Although these thoughts live a short life, like flies they multiply at a high speed and affect the human mind to a great extent.

With observation, concentration, and discrimination you will be able to find the source of these thoughts, how and through what center you registered them, and how to take right action toward them.

People are of the opinion that thoughts are registered only by the brain. This is not true. You can register thoughts with your whole aura. Thoughts affect the centers in your etheric, emotional, and mental bodies by synchronizing or tuning in with them. It is important to find out where the thoughts are registered and how they createindependent reactions from your centers or conscious responses from your mind.

2. Thoughts are projected or emanated from lower entities trapped in etheric or astral spheres. They have a powerful urge to come in contact with living beings to satisfy physical cravings that have been taken away from them. These thoughts are related to various crimes dealing with narcotics, alcohol, sex, etc., and they create serious pollution once they find a person or group to broadcast them. Often they build a contact with a person's mind. If they are accepted, they slowly obsess and possess him and lead him to those experiences through which they satisfy their cravings, urges, and drives.

3. Thoughts are produced by the Fiery World. These are higher thoughts. The Fiery World is the mental plane and higher planes. In those planes there are many entities who know how to think and project creative thoughts. Also, the Fiery World is the world in which living human beings can create their thoughts, if they are advanced enough on the Path.

4. There are still other sources from which great currents of thought reach us. One of them is the domain of the Plan, and another source is from the world .of Purpose. The Plan radiates streams of thoughts and ideas. They are very creative and powerful, and they are related to the culture and civilization of humanity. Thoughts from the Plan are related to the seven fields of human endeavor, and they help us create changes and bring new vision into those seven fields. Thoughts coming from the Plan create cooperation, harmony, understanding, and service.

Thoughts coming from the Purpose are dynamic, electrical, and revelatory. They operate like lightning and give you a sudden realization of facts which reveal the Path and the destination of the Path. Thoughts coming from the Purpose create willpower, direction, consistency, stability, endurance, solemnity, striving, and inclusiveness.

By observing the thoughts you eventually learn to discriminate between them.

5. Thoughts come from your Solar Angel. These thoughts are very uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging, and they awaken in you a spirit of striving and achievement. The thoughts of the Solar Angel are sources of wisdom and are like seeds for your garden of creativity. The thoughts of the Solar Angel inspire you by giving you endurance and equilibrium during the dark nights of your life.

When a man is in the process of paying great amounts of karmic debt, the thoughts of the Solar Angel make him pay them joyfully, willingly, silently, and without complaint.

Another very peculiar characteristic of the thoughts coming from the Solar Angel is righteousness. You see clearly that all that is happening to you is righteous. This gives you a great release, and you prepare yourself to pay your karma in joy and in patience.

Observation is the characteristic of a man who wants to advance. Those who do not want to advance are called "gophers." A gopher is a man who does not observe. He lives underground and is happy there.

Observation is the road to progress. Observe your actions and reactions. Try to find the origin of your actions. Try to recognize and discriminate among your thoughts, and you will be a wise man.

6. Another source of thoughts is the human soul. As the human soul advances, he changes the source of his thoughts; he tries to receive thoughts from higher and higher sources, and a time comes when he becomes a "thinker."

First he discriminates between thoughts. Then he receives impressions and clothes them with his own thoughts. Eventually he senses the impressions coming from his own Core. It is at this moment that the human soul starts to think in line with the Plan and Purpose of the Supreme Thinker.

In each human being a Divine genius is hidden, and it manifests through th£ creative thought of the human soul. There are very few souls who know how to think or how to express the electrical energies and directions coming from their own Core. Meditation and contemplation are techniques to contact the Core and release It.

When the human soul is in the process of making greater and greater contact with his own Core, he becomes more and more sensitive to the impressions coming from higher sources and from archetypal thoughts. The most creative period of the human soul is the period in which he can observe, discriminate, and use the thoughts reaching him from his essential Core.

7. There are thoughts that come into existence when impressions streaming from higher sources contact the human soul. Impressions are not thoughts. They are radiations of great Lives, great Entities. These impressions change into thoughtforms when the human soul contacts them and tries to translate them according to his needs and according to the conditions of life in general.

8. Thoughts come to our mind from the archetypal planes. Archetypes are Divine thoughts. When the Solar Lords meditate and think, They create Archetypes in the Cosmic Mental Plane. These Archetypes slowly come down and impress our mind, and we try to create according to them. But our creativity is like the drawings of a three year old child in comparison to the art of a Leonardo da Vinci.

Such thoughts are faint echoes of the Divine thoughts, but in those faint echoes the seed of the vision of the Archetypes is present. Such kinds of thoughts open the path of steady progress in all fields of human endeavor. These Archetypes are Divine thoughts which are in the process of manifestation or objectification.

When one contacts such thoughts, he builds a thread of contact through which he gradually penetrates deeper into the Divine Mind.

Every form in the Universe is the shadow of an Archetype. Man cannot create a form whose Archetype does not exist in higher planes. The creativity of man depends on his ability to surpass progressively the forms that he produced through his labor and on his ability to find the higher correspondence of the forms he created. As he advances in perfecting his creativity, he penetrates deeper into the Divine Mind. Each perfected form leads him closer to still higher perfections.

Observation is the ability to see things as theyare.

Concentration is the ability to relate yourself tc objects you see.

Discrimination is the ability to choose between the objects according to your goals and intentions.

People are born with their past hang-ups, and they continue their life where they left off previously.

Is it possible to change the life of the planet in view of the above facts? Some people think it is an impossibility. Others think it is a possibility. Both are right. If something seems impossible for a man, it becomes impossible for him. If something seems possible for him, it becomes possible for him. Also, something that is possible for me can be impossible for you for a while. This is why one cannot say that something is possible or impossible. It can be one or the other.

A disciple is a man who makes impossible things possible and possible things impossible.

An Initiate is a self-made soul.

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