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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How do we expand our Consciousness II & III

The second step to expand our consciousness is to form groups, live with groups, and try to develop group consciousness.

Forming a group, thinking about the welfare of the units of the group and the welfare of the group as a unit expands our consciousness. That is what life does -- you have families, groups, nations, humanity, but do you live consciously?

In groups and nations we try to understand the need of the units, eradicate the obstacles of their growth and relationships, and to cause breakthroughs in their consciousness into the One Consciousness.

In the future, great workers will come and with creative methods show us how to live in the light of the One Consciousness in our diversifies manifestations.

The third major step if a unit ti expand its consciousness is to cultivate all needed "equipment" that can be intelligently used to meet the needs of the units, leading them to a higher level of consciousness.

Unless we become a bridge between higher and lower, we cannot expand our consciousness adequately. Increasing awareness develops in serving the needs of lower units by the light received from higher units.

This is what true service is. Consciousness expands through service, and every step of expansion of consciousness leads to greater fields of service.

- Torkom Saraydarian (Consciousness)

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