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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Twelve Virtues of the Inner Lotus

Virtues are the blooming manifestation of the Inner Divinity as that Divinity unfolds itself stage after stage.

Each virtue is an affirmation of the Inner Divinity. Personality virtues impose discipline. The twelve virtues of the Lotus are related to service. Virtues are the steps of the ladder of resurrection.

The twelve virtues of the Inner Lotus are radiations of the twelve petals of the Lotus. They are the twelve lights that light the path of man toward the Heart Center of the planet. They are the virtues which decorate the fields, the path, and the plateaus of life.

They are the techniques of Self-actualization and the means to contact the presence in nature:
1. Striving
2. Courage
3. Daring
4. Discrimination
5. Solemnity
6. Harmlessness
7. Service
8. Compassion
9. Patience
10. Fearlessness
11. Gratitude
12. Responsibility

Beyond these virtues, we have the three virtues of the Inner Fire:
1. Enthusiasm
2. Sacrifice
3. Nobility

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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