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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Intuitive Mother & Women

It is not necessary for a woman to have a child to be or feel as a mother. MOTHERHOOD IS NOT A BIOLOGICAL FUNCTION. MOTHERHOOD IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL FUNCTION. Motherhood is the power to present right conditions to make virtues grow, to cause great works to be accomplished, to make creativity bloom and to make the race of man survive in progressive unfoldment and beauty.

In the heart of each woman, one can see a mother.

She may be a woman who gave birth to a mighty movement, or inspired great men to perform heroic deeds; or she herself performed heroic acts, or conceived visions for the advancement of all humanity; or she became a mother of art and beauty.

One of the supreme duties of a woman is to be an ideal mother, but when the children have grown to need less care from the mother, the mother must step into the world of politics, education, communication, arts, sciences, religion, and economics. She can bring great beauty, wisdom, and experience into these fields, or she can continue her studies along specialized lines.

The most important labor for a woman is to raise her focus of consciousness from her emotional nature to here intuitional nature without creating a gap between them.

The emotional world of a woman is full of attachments when she develops her mind at the expense of her intuition. These attachments make her translate the world around her through her own feelings and thoughts. She projects her feelings on all phenomena around her. This makes her self-centered, demanding, self-conscious, and even rejectful of others. She senses the viewpoints of others and understands them, but rejects the persons.

If she succeeds in raising her focus of consciousness from the emotional to the intuitional plane, the attachments break, and a spirit of inclusiveness and universalism dawns in her consciousness. This is the natural path for a woman. She gives out all that she collected, all that she was serving to make her feel separate. Now in the process of giving things she feels inclusive and universal.

When a woman is stuck in her emotional attachments and does not have intuitive flashes, she becomes a victim of man. She is not only exploited, but also exploits. Millions of women are manipulated by man, who uses his lower mind to misuse women for his own advantage. If a woman is stuck in her emotional nature, she has a strong tendency to depend on the man who has mind.

When the woman develops her mind, she has a tendency to take revenge on the man in many forms. Her liberation is not through her mind but through her intuition. An intuitive woman is highly spiritual, progressive, free, and inclusive.

An emotional woman is the slave of her attachments. She is religious, but she is fanatic and separative. She leaves religions when she develops her mind, and she becomes spiritual when she becomes active in the intuitional light.

Man attacks the emotions of woman to conquer her. Woman attacks the instincts, urges and drives of the physical nature of man to enslave him.

An intuitive woman is not caught in these games. She has a great task. Her task is to save her child and to make him grow healthy and beautiful. HER CHILD IS HUMANITY. Her glory is the CULTURE of her child.

- Torkom Saraydarian, (Woman, Torch of the Future)

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