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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How the Higher Self can be Victorious

Contact with the Solar Angel

A great sage once gave an instruction showing how a new age spiritual seeker is created. He said:
The degrees of attainment are:

Alarmed; inquiring; knocking; hearkening; reminiscing; transmitting; sword carrier; puissant; lamp of the desert; lion of the desert; co-worker of the creative principles; creator.

One must graduate through these twelve stages in order to become a seeker.

1.    The first stage is the stage of a person which is called ALARMED. This is an esoteric word which means a man is suddenly awakened to a situation and confronts a decision. He has received a warning from his soul, from his body , from his circumstances of life. He is horrified by some information, by some facts. He was horrified by a dream or by an experience and now he is uneasy.

     One must be “alarmed” in order to find the path. No one enters the path without being alarmed.  Alarm is the moment when the soul reaches the stage where his eyes are opened and he sees his situation clearly. He sees his karma, his slavery, the forces of materialism and darkness, and the danger of annihilation and destruction.
2.    The second is the stage of INQUIRY. The traveler begins to search for solutions; he wants to protect and free himself and those who are closely related to him…. He searches in religion, in education, and in philosophy to find ways and means to free himself from his state of alarm. He visits teachers, read books, listens to lectures, and eventually reaches the conclusion that the secret of all these teachings is hidden somewhere within him. This leads him to the next stage.

3.     The stage of KNOCKING.  Knocking means to gather all your physical, emotional, and mental aspirations into a focus and try to initiate yourself into a new state of consciousness where you will substantiate all that you have learned and dreamed. In this state you knock on the door of your inner guide. you do this by,

a.       Asking questions
b.      Thinking
c.       Meditating
d.      Uplifting your heart and expanding your consciousness
e.      Cultivating virtues
f.        Transforming your life
g.       Committing yourself to service
h.      Clear observation
i.         Exercising severe discipline of speech.

It is through such means that you invoke await evocation; you await an answer from the inner lord. Instead of being a man of ideas, dreams, and theories, you become a man of experience.  Knocking leads you into experience.

4.     You prepare yourself for the next stage which is called HEARKENING.  Hearkening is the stage when you are ready to load yourself with great responsibilities and tasks. You are ready to submit yourself to sacrificial service.
The way to hearken is to close your ears to all those voices, which speak about self-interest, vanity, pride, separatism, and greed.

Hearkening convinces you that you are not alone on the path and the guides of life  are watching your steps to the mountaintop. Hearkening is the stage where you come to the conclusion that you must live the things you believe.

5.    The next stage is REMINISCENCE. This is the stage in which the striving one remembers all his past; past lives slowly unfold themselves , giving him special understanding about his present and future life. This remembrance also clears u many factors hidden in his relationships with his family. Co-workers and those people who created problems for him. This stage is a clearing stage where, for the first time, the striving one knows why things happened to him the way they happened.

6.    The next stage is called TRANSMITTING. It is after reminiscence that the striving one becomes a pure transmitter of wisdom. He becomes a teacher who knows how to bring down the ideas and the visions from the subjective world, from the higher realms, and formulate them adequately and pass them on to the people of the world. He not only transmits wisdom but also energy: a real transmitter inspires trust, confidence, and faith. People find the direction of their life when they meet transmitters who not only receive the teaching as it is but also transmit the teaching without distorting it through glamors, illusions, and blind urges. 

7.    The next stage is called the SWORD CARRIER. Traditionally, this has three levels; On the first level, the striving one carries the sword of a Great One. On the next level, the striving one carries his own sword to protect the Great One. On the third level, the striving one carries his own sword for himself.

The sword is the symbol of:
a.       Pure discrimination
b.       Power, might
c.       Psychic energy
d.      Fiery will
e.      Law
f.        Order
g.       Fiery Words

The sword carrier is one who is ready for sacrificial acts and is ready to carry on the command given to him by greater Centers. He is totally committed to the service and liberation of humanity. He is on the field of battle, and he is one who will never give up.

8.    The next step is called PUISSANT. The striving one, through his fearlessness, commitment, and sacrificial life becomes a tower of strength and power. His words, his acts, and his thoughts express power. He has power over his personality and over the forces and energies of nature. He uses all his might and power for the progress and liberation of all living Sparks in any form. He radiates the fire of will. However, he is extremely cautious to use his power only to further the Purpose of the Planetary Logos.

9.    The next state of attainment is called the LAMP OF THE DESERT. The desert symbolizes a state of consciousness which is aimless, goalless, fruitless, monotonous, meaningless, flat, isolated; a great vacuum, and emptiness. Those who live a meaningless life which has no purpose or plan, a life in which they are lost and do not have any direction live in a desert. It is such a life that presents the greatest temptation to those who, in the future, are going to be great co-workers.

The lamp of the desert is now a Teacher who brings meaning, beauty, growth, and life into the deserts of life. He gives vision and inspiration to those who were lost in the desert of a meaningless life. His life shines as a lamp in the darkness. His light gives direction and fills people with the sparks of purpose.

Sometimes people live in a “desert consciousness”: when the doctor tells them that they have only a few weeks to live; when they lose a beloved Teacher or a family member or a friend; if suddenly they lose the things that they obtained with great labor, fear, and suffering; if they suddenly realize their worthlessness. Then life appears to them as a waste, as an empty, burning desert.

When you become a lamp of the desert, you begin to see new values in life. You see a great purpose behind your pains, behind your suffering and losses. You bring joy into life; you encourage people; you create striving; and you radiate your beauty as a service to others.

Because of your existence as a light, people find their direction toward their own spiritual destination. The desert blooms in your light because everything receives a meaning, a significance, a purpose.

Are we lights in the desert of crime, violence, deceit, hypocrisy, exploitation, greed, fear, and hatred?

10. When you have proven that you are a light in the desert, a lamp of the desert, you then pass to the next stage of evolution, which is called the LION OF THE DESERT. The lion is the symbol of power, protection, steadiness, endurance, beauty, victory, daring, courage, and fearlessness. The lion of the desert is subdivided into three degrees: the first degree is composed of those who make a breakthrough out of crystallization and fanaticism in any department of human endeavor. For example, Blavatsky was one of them. She attacked the merchants of materialism who were working the field of science. She attacked the merchants of fanaticism who were working in the desert of religion. She made it possible for daring ones to expand the walls of science to Space and opened a new understanding between religious traditions and the mythologies of all nations. In the field of art and beauty, another great lion of the desert was Nicholas Roerich.

On the second level, we have great religious leaders.

On the third level, we have Buddha and Christ, Who were each actually called the Lion of the Desert.

Lions of the desert attack and try to annihilate all barriers that stand on the path of human progress.

They are fearless ones because they know that they are not bodies but living principles, living ideas; Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom. And because a lion of the desert knows that he is an embodiment of such principles, he is fearless and he is powerful. Fearlessness and power do not belong to you when you create slaves around you, when you exploit people, when you mislead people, and when you try to kill their soul and conscience. Fearlessness and power do not come to you when your life department is dependent on your possessions, positions, titles, lies, deceits, fanaticism, and separatism. All these make you a coward, a weak person.

Fearlessness and power are the virtues of those people who make themselves the embodiments of great principles, great, and great ideas.

When you read the lives of great lions of the desert, you see how fearless they were because they were fused with a divine principle. People could kill their bodies but never their visions and ideas; people could even distort and misrepresent their ideas and thus give them a second blow of death, but they could not touch their visions, the image they had imprinted in the souls of people.

11. Lions of the desert are protectors of the human race as a whole. When you reach such a state of consciousness, you graduate into the next stage and you become a CO-WORKER OF THE CREATIVE PRINCIPLES, A CREATOR. You are now ready to cooperate with the creative principles of the Universe and become a creator.

The creative principles are contacted through the Hierarchy, through Shamballa, through the Zodiacal Lives, through the Lives of the Greater Zodiac, through the Lords of the Rays, through the Heart of the Spiritual Sun, through the Central Spiritual Sun. One becomes a greater co-worker of these seven Centers Who Embody the seven principles of the seven paths of the Purpose of the Life in which all existence moves, lives, and has its being. The co-worker is now a conscious part of Life and cooperates with Life in Its creative efforts.

Can you imagine yourself cooperating with your Inner Guide and becoming Its co-worker? Can you imagine yourself cooperating with Great Ones in the Plan of Hierarchy? Can you imagine yourself cooperating with the Lives Who are active in Shamballa? Can you imagine yourself being in contact and a close co-worker with higher forces and Existences? What a glorious being is a co-worker. Instead of building our sand castles, or karmic prisons on our path, we can prepare ourselves to be co-workers of the creative Principles of Life.

A co-worker will never violate the principles for which he stands, neither through his acts, not through his thoughts; neither through his words, nor with his motives. The gates of Hierarchy can open only to co-workers.

Transformation and expansion of consciousness take place:

a.       When one realizes his errors and really feels sorry about them.
b.      When one is ready to pay for the damage he did.
c.       When one is ready to see how his mistakes and errors can produce a new generation of errors and how they can prevent his progress on the Path. Rationalization and self-justifications are the path which leads into the pit of self-deception.
d.      When one is able to see a higher vision, the true destination of his soul, and make a firm commitment to stay in the light of his Higher Self.


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