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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meditation and Obstacles on the Path

The life of an aspirant or of a disciple is not an easy life. We all have our obstacles on the Path. Once we decide to do regular medi tation, according to the ancient rules, many unexpected obstacles start to appear. The disciple, however, is a man not paralyzed by obstacles, but one who is inflamed more and more with a continuous inner radiance. He even enjoys obstacles because “he grows through them.”

Each obstacle evokes a new line to be developed in our nature, a new tool to be built for the battle, a new means to bridge the gaps and to master our nature. We do not ask for happiness, only for growth....

The student is tested also by his beloved ones. His wife, her husband, or the children may create many problems and put him in a state of worry or depression in which it seems to him that it is im possible to carry on his meditation, his study, and special type of service.

He must remember that his problems cannot be solved by fighting with them on the same level where they are found, but they can be handled by raising himself higher than his problems. Real help comes from above, not from below.

In such cases, you may go into seclusion and try to concentrate your mind upon a great vision, a great plan, a great beauty in any form, and lift your consciousness toward Infinity. In such an en deavor you will suddenly notice that your consciousness is expand ing, you have a greater vision, greater inspiration, and a flaming joy is pouring into your heart.

You may read the New Testament, the Bhagavad Gita, the Imita tion of Christ, or In the Hours of Meditation by F.J. Alexander.

In addition to this you may regularly meditate upon the following seed thoughts:
a) “Be not afraid of loneliness. The Soul that cannot stand alone has naught to give.”
b) “Seek freedom from the past.”
c) “Develop joy and self-forgetfulness and serve your brothers.”
d) “Pain comes from form-attachment.”
e) “Leave all the past to Us, and think only of the Future.”
f) “The co-workers who walk in self-denial will be victors.”
g) “Amidst treason of the spirit, amidst strife and sorrow, My shield is over thee.”
h) “One must affirm that victory underlies the bond with the high est will.”

When you really meditate on these verses, a great change will come in your consciousness, and when you return to your daily routine of life you will see that most of your problems have de parted and those which still remain have lost their power over you.

Thus you will still continue your meditation and service, knowing that these are two main channels from which you receive strength, joy, wisdom, and new inspirations to handle your life as beautifully as possible — “through harmlessness and self-forgetfulness.” ....

Remember that times of crisis in our lives are times for growth and opportunities to show the Great Ones just how much we have developed. We can face the crisis, take it and conquer it, and then move along to the next step higher on the spiritual way. That is what the disciples ever have to do.


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