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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The New Age Spiritual Seeker and the Progress of his Soul

People have various physical, emotional and mental problems. Most of the causes of these problems are hidden in the way people grow.

Some people grow with their shell; some people grow in the core or kernel.
When the shell grows out of proportion, the core remains small or becomes smaller, and the harmony between them is distorted.

When the core grows, but the shell stays as it is, the core cracks the shell and forces itself out. In such cases, the shell goes through extreme tension and gradually cracks and gives way.
The kernel or the core is the human soul.

The shell is the personality---- the physical body, emotional body , mental body, and their accumulations, such as habits, glamors, illusions, traditions, knowledge, philosophy, psychology, religion, money, possessions , and positions.

Sometimes the shell is obsolete and hard; it does not allow the core to radiate out and bloom. And because the core is strong, it eventually breaks the shell. This causes lots of problems, confusion, inner conflicts, disappointments, pain and suffering.

The reason for all of this that you, the soul, are trying to grow and your shell is preventing it. When your outer shell grows out of proportion, you lose your focus and even disappear in the shell.

There are people who have a shell but no core. They are coreless people. “Coreless” people sometimes seem very shining, luxurious, powerful, and victorious. But that is only an appearance. Your core must not be hindered by your accumulated thoughts, opinions, knowledge, traditions, religions, cultish beliefs, and so on. It must be able to grow harmoniously, while helping the shell to grow. The shell receives energy and nourishment from the core, and it, in its turn, protects the core and makes it able to grow harmoniously.

Without a core, there is no real shell; without the shell, the core degenerates.

The shell must present the outer manifestation of the core.

The core sustains the personality, and the shell translates the core to meet the demands and the needs of life. Whenever you have physical, emotional, or mental troubles in your life, remember this analogy and check your life to see if there is harmony between the growth of the core and the shell. If the core and the shell are not in good relation, know that such a state is the originator of all your troubles.

The first step on the path of the growth of the inner core is to be able to have a private time every day to ask yourself the following questions:

1.     Am I conscious about my future?
2.     Am I maturing?
3.     Are my core and my outer personality or shell growing harmoniously?
4.     Am I succeeding in reducing my mistakes?
5.     Have I overcome the tendency to use people for my own advantage?
6.     Do I need new skills, new freedom from thoughts, emotions and habits, to allow the core to expand?
7.     Am I gaining more control upon my habits, negative emotions and harmful words and thoughts?
8.     Have I learnt not to impose my shell on others?
9.     Do I see a deeper meaning in life?
10. Am I interested in the future of my soul?
11. Am I becoming more giving?
12. Do I have any experiences that I am not the body?
13. Do I see that life does not end with this earthly incarnation?
14. Do I have any substantial information about the higher worlds?
15. Do I feel or realize that whatever I am or whatever my life is, is my own creation?
16. Do I have a planned course of study?
17. Do I have a planned course of meditation?
18. Do I have a planned way to nourish my soul?
19. Do I learn the value of harmlessness?
20. Am I grateful for all that life offers me?
21. Did I learn to observe and see all that is going on in my mind, emotions, and actions?

These 21 questions can really give you an opportunity to think about the rarest flower core in your heart and to take steps to cultivate it.


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