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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meditation proceeds in stages

In the first stage, you repeat or remember things you read or heard.

In the second stage, you try to remember real experiences.

In the third stage, you realize your ignorance.

In the fourth stage, new ideas are dropped into your mental body from your soul.

In the fifth stage, you try to analyze these ideas and build thought-currents. (You try to interpret and analyze them).

In the sixth stage, you learn how to synthesize them and build thought forms for special purposes.

In the seventh stage, you create a new consciousness, a new outlook on life. You change your personality and dedicate yourself to beauty, goodness, justice, joy and freedom, for the service of humanity.

Thinking has 7 phases:

1. Reflecting the thoughts of average people.

2. Modifying the thoughts of advanced people.

3. Thinking to satisfy once own needs – using the lower mind.

4. Absorbing flashes of the thoughts of the soul.

5. Fusion with the thinking of the soul.

6. Thinking along the currents of the sun.

7. Thinking through absorbing cosmic currents.

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