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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Five Types of Ageless Wisdom Students

There are five types of students:

1.Those who are full of mental inertia and need to be pushed regularly to move onward
2.Those who try hard but do not make progress
3.Those who learn but complain
4.Those who hear all but do not change
5.Those who systematically improve with feelings of gratitude

These five types need five different approaches. When your class is composed of various types, you must be a genius to talk to and help all the various types. Those who have mental inertia must be kindled. Those who try but do not make progress have hindrances, and these hindrances must be removed. Those who complain will not be able to apply knowledge in their lives. They must learn that complaint creates in them rejection toward application of the knowledge they received.

Those who do not change must be warned because the traitors of the Teaching come from this type. Accumulated knowledge without change produces the most sneaky hypocrites.

Those who systematically improve must be inspired by the vision of Infinity and humility.

A good student also has true qualifications. First, he does not go to a Teacher out of curiosity, but because he wants to enter the path. He knows or realizes that the path is narrow, which means it is a path of discipline.

He has an intense desire and a burning drive to change himself because he feels the need for change. Because he has this experience, he cannot get what he wants from an ordinary life and its conditions. He feels painfully happy if his personality is beaten for the sake of change. He has patience when no chance is given to him to prove his achievements.

He does not hide his feelings, thoughts, and motives from his Teacher. With all the love and respect that he has toward his Teacher, the good student does not exercise emotional attachment toward him, but he tries to learn to be independent.


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