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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How can you help people through absence?

Helping people through absence is a very practical teaching. Some people are not sensitive enough to be absent, even if they know they are not welcome, they still force their energy to remain. Practically speaking, the science of being absent has two aspects: one is negative, another is positive.

How can we apply this science practically?

First, let us look at the negative aspect to answer this question.

1.       Whenever you feel ugly, do not persist in staying in the place where you are. The right thing to do is to leave because your ugliness will pollute other people. Through your thoughts and emotions, you may create agitation in people.

2.       If you feel that you are full of ill will, be absent.

3.       Whenever you are unrighteous, do not remain in your position. Unrighteousness means that the computer of your mind is disturbed and distorted, that something is wrong with it and out of order. Unrighteous judgments, unrighteous attitudes are signs that your computer is not working properly. Take a leave of absence and go to the repair shop. When your computer is repaired, return and say “I am healthy now”.

4.       If you are mentally disturbed or depressed, remove yourself from your position.

5.       When you are enslaved in habits, be careful to be absent sometimes. If you are inefficient in your duties and responsibilities, do not insist upon staying in your position. Sensitivity requires from you that you are sensitive to whether or not you are increasing the joy, progress of other people or damaging them. If you are damaging them, do not continue. Take a leave of absence.

Now, let us look at the positive aspects.

If you have a friend in a far off country who needs your help and you cannot be there, you can help him in your absence by sending good wishes, light and energy. You are absent, but through your absence you help heal him and do not demand any recognition. Absence is a very psychological and useful tool. With your absence, you can teach people. Absence sometimes means to finish a particular layer of activity and proceed to a higher level. Now you are acting very strongly on this higher level, but without speech. Instead of physical speech, you are using thought speech, intuitive speech and will speech.

Self observation will help you see whether you must depart or stay. If you cannot do the job and if there is someone who can do the job better, leave the job.

You can do these things because one of the works of a new age spiritual seeker is to create unity and co-operation, cleansing and purifying all the dirt that causes separation.

You must be present in a place, in a committee, in a group, only if you are bringing help or a service. You must be absent if you are a hindrance, or if people reject your presence. People often force their presence on others, creating many unpleasant situations or attitudes. Your presence must bring inspiration, progress, improvement, joy and enthusiasm. 


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