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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Religious teachings and children

Our religious teaching prevents children from contacting New Age ideas, for religions try to evaluate everything through their own belief and thus miss the new revelation. In many, many ages the children have gone through religious experiences, and most of them are ready for visions which are more inclusive and human than what they had before.

The children are sometimes different seeds from different realms, and we force them to bloom as the flower we want them to be. This is the greatest catastrophe, for you are preventing that child from bringing out his own beauty and thus fulfilling his own destiny.

It is wise never to give them religious or nationalistic lectures or practices. Try to help them discipline their bodies, emotions and minds and then allow them to have their own responses to the Almighty Life. Any imposed teaching is a step backward on the path of evolution.

(Woman, Torch of the Future)

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