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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Our basic responsibility is to learn the science of cooperation. This is our future destiny. Nature is forcing us to approach this state. When we sit around a table and try to solve our problems, we are coming to the realization that there is no way out except through cooperation. It is a painfully slow process; the ship is approaching "niagara falls" of life. Let us work to pull it back now. The science of cooperation is essential. 

There are six major problems which prevent cooperation. The following problems apply not only to human beings, but also to planets and galaxies.

1. Living at the expense of others - In our philisophies, religions, politics and economics, we are taught one thing: to live at the expense of others.

2. Vanity - You have vanity when you think that you are somebody, something special and apart from others. In reality, there is no higher and lower, no "I know but you don't." You may think you are a full barrel, but remember there is an empty barrel next to you into which half of your "water" should be placed so that the two barrels become equal.

3. Greed - Once an 81 year old man who had 17 million dollars came to office and said, "I have had several heart attacks, what can I do to avoid having more?" I advised him to rest, but he mentioned a job that he wanted to complete because he was going to make an additional 5 million in one week. "I must watch the tractors and supervise everything" he said. I told him that he did not need the money, but he replied, "You are really naive' that is why you are poor." He supervised the transaction, and died. What happened to the 17 million dollars? 

This is greed. Something interesting happened to him before he died. One day, a thief watched his house, waited for him to leave and took all of his jewelry and valuables. His greed caused him to live at the expense of others as well as his own health. All was eventually lost to him.

4. Self-centeredness, Separativeness - These are responsible for the downfall of humanity.

5. Distorted Consciousness - A person with a distorted consciousness is one who cannot perceive through logic and reasoning, and thereby find the most essential things in life. This is due to an accumulation of all sorts of crimes committed in the past.

6. Lack of faith - Faith is the beginning and the end of cooperation, cooperation with everything in Nature. All we ever hear about is algebra, science, chemistry and physics. Who wants to talk about faith? People think that just because faith is never discusses it does not exist. 

We do not have faith because we have lost touch with the Law of Unity. Our sense of unity is lost. How can we have faith when everyone exists only for himself? Go to a nightclub and see how crazy humanity is. 

- "Cosmic Shocks" by .

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