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Sunday, October 10, 2010


A danger is a moment or period of time in which you confront the possibility of losing your life, your possessions , your sanity; the opportunity to evolve, to be transformed, to serve, or to be your real self. 
Every moment or time of danger is a test and an opportunity. It tests all that you know, you can do, and you are.
A danger is an opportunity if you prove that you can use the moment of danger as a moment of entering a higher state of consciousness, as a moment to focus all your energies and talents and destroy within you those obstacles which are evoking the danger.

A danger is a moment in which your past failures and past successes confront each other and challenge your inner resources of wisdom and power of breakthroughs.

There are seven main dangers:

  •  When one learns the teaching but does not apply it in his daily life and relationships, it creates a malignant sickness which is called hypocrisy.
  •  If he learns the teaching and uses it for his self-interest, he develops a dangerous , long lasting disease which is called ego.
  •  If he learns the teaching and then believes that he is the embodiment of the teaching, he develops a painful disease which is called vanity.
  • If he learns the teaching by listening to it and reading about it with the limited frame of intellect and then uses it to gain income, position, or reputation,, he develops a dire and complicated disease which is called fanaticism.
  • If he learns the teaching and uses it to acquire power, he develops a malignant illness which is called obscenity.
  • If he learns the teaching and uses it to point out the faults of others or to criticize and belittle others in order to gain superiority and praise, he develops an incurable disease which is called heartlessness.
  • If he learns the teaching and his mental, emotional, and physical natures do not have the required purity, he develops a complicated disease which is called insanity.

In the ageless wisdom the teaching is called fire.

If any one wants to follow  the teaching he must demonstrate seven signs:

1.       Sincerity.
2.       Unselfishness
3.       Humility
4.       Sense of responsibility
5.       Discrimination and discernment
6.       Fearlessness
7.       Purity 

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