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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Responsibilities of Women

Women not only have a unique role to play with their family, but also a unique responsibility:

1. to protect life
2. to protect the right development of life
3. to evoke the highest latent in man
4. to protect beauty
5. to protect peace and harmony
6. to protect the age-long fruits of the labor of humanity
7. to protect the Teaching from degeneration
8. to encourage the best in all fields
9. to strive towards the future
10. to learn and teach the laws of sacrifice and service
11. to produce the highest survival techniques
12. to inspire creativity in all fields
13. to reveal the future possibilities of life after death
14. to explain the law of love and compassion

It is very beautiful to see women fighting for women's rights, but it would be even greater if women would form a new group, a new organization, which would reveal to humanity the responsibilities of women and fight to restore those conditions in which women would be able to perform their responsibilities.

People have begun to work seriously against pollution, attempting to safeguard the life in the sea, the life in the air, the life in the forest, the life in the vegetable kingdom - trees, flowers, bushes - safeguarding the life of humanity.

What a great thing women have to do, preserving life, protecting life. If they engage in such a task they will make tremendous strides in the world protecting life, instead of organizing dances until morning, going to bingo clubs and sitting for many hours in front of the television set. Women can organize groups and organizations that make their voices heard all over the world declaring that life must be protected. They will affirm: "Man does not know the damage he is doing to life, and therefore we will not let him continue polluting the world. Woman is the protector of life." But if we have women who are not educated and open to such principles, to such responsibilities, then it is useless for them to bring children into our world because their children will work against life.

Woman has a certain magical, mysterious way in which she evokes the best in a man. Woman is more advanced physiologically and spiritually than man, but the best the woman can bring out of the man is the best the woman has in her. She is just like a magnet, for when she touches a man, when she talks to a man, when she smiles at a man, that man feels he is getting more sublimated, more transformed because of her contact. When we speak of contact, we are not speaking of "technique." For example, one day I met a teacher who was teaching the girls how to be "magnetic", and she was saying, "Walk like this, look like this, and fix your hair this way." She was really technically teaching them. Then I asked her, "Have you had any results?" "Curiously enough," she said, "there were results but they did not last." This is what I wanted to know. Why isn't it lasting? Because it is artificial, a technique.

A woman must have greatness in her to bring greatness out of others. Woman must build that greatness, build that beauty, build that creative mechanism within herself so that her creative magnetism pulls the beauty out of man. If a man has the magic hand of a woman, the magic love of a woman, he will be transformed. Many, many medical expenses can be spared, many legal expenses can be stopped if the man has an understanding, compassionate, loving woman who is highly educated and highly transformed in her inner being.

(Woman, Torch of the Future)

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