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Friday, April 19, 2013


There are two major kinds of thinking: Soul thinking and Ego thinking. 

· Soul thinking is pro-survival. It is constructive. It transforms, it is progressive, it release, liberate, and brings abundance and sunshine.

· Ego thinking is anti-survival, selfish, separative, and destructive. It creates pollution and confusion.

· Ego-thinking is responsible for all distortions in history, in literature, in religion, and in human relations.

· Ego-thinking leads to confusion and weakening of the mind.

· Ego-thinking retards your evolution and the evolution of others.

· Ego-thinking tries to manipulate people for its own sake.

· Soul thoughts lengthen the years of your life with prosperity and joy.

· Ego thoughts destroy their master in the long run. Ego thought work against the One Self.

· Ego-thinking works against evolution, and the accumulating currents of evolution eventually destroy the ego.

Soul-thinking develops gradually throughout ages:

1. The person first thinks he is a physical existence.

2. Then he thinks he is his emotions and body.

3. Then he thinks through the thoughts of others.

4. Then he tries to assimilate the thought of others and develop discrimination between various ways of thinking.

5. Then he begins to think and create his own thoughts.

Thinking is the pure language of the human soul. Thinking is the effort of the soul to translate impressions coming from outer and inner sources and relate them to objects, to people, and to the needs and questions of life.

Thinking is the ability to:

a) Relate
b) Appropriate
c) Analyze and synthesize
d) Find out causes of events and facts
e) See the result clearly from the cause
f) Communicate faster and better
g) Contact ideas
h) Build thoughtforms for specific purposes
i) Channel energy
j) Direct energy.


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