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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Healing Wounds

I know
it will take a long time
to heal the wounds
you gave to me.
Every time something
reminds me of you,
the wound will be
bringing back to me
my memories,
and dreams.

I know
you will feel
the same way.
You will feel that
I caused many wounds
in your heart
that will take
maybe a longer time
to be healed.

I know
we often, in distance,
think about each other,
dwell on our wounds,
and try to blame
each other
for our wounds.

But the day will come
we will meet again
on higher spirals,
after we heal our wounds,
and are ready to start
a more creative
mutually uplifting,
mutually enjoyable,
and with
a detached attitude
deeply realized
by both of us.

Our wounds
will heal sooner
if we only, every night
before sleep,
each other’s face
and sincerely

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