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Saturday, April 6, 2013


The process of Birth is limited to 9 months, but 9 months in a Spiritual world signifies cycles:

1. The 1st month of conception it is the time for Mental purification.
2. The 2nd month is for the purification of Emotions.
3. The 3rd month is the purification of your Actions.
4. The 4th month is for Dedicating Yourself to Sacrificial Service.
5. The 5th month is for the Science of Re-generation.
6. In the 6th month you learn all the Physical Level Techniques & Programs to help people and you make your Spiritual Decision.
7. The 7th month is about Spiritual Commitment.
8. In the 8th month you balance yourself , make Plans, and test yourself.
9. In the 9th month you attract all the energies and forces that are going to prepare the Birth and you give to yourself.

On each plane we have to exercise “7” steps to continue the process of Resurrection.

These Steps are:

1. Identification with the plane.
2. Cultivation of the Plane.
3. Purification of Our self.
4. Detachment from the Plane.
5. Total control on the Plane.
6. Service on the Plane.
7. Resurrection on to the next Plane. 

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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