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Friday, April 12, 2013


The purpose of forgiveness is threefold: 

a) To create right human relations on Earth and in the subjective world.
b) To restore the integrity and honesty of people.
c) To not continue adding to the karmic debts.

There are certain mechanics of forgiveness.

1. If you seek forgiveness, the first thing you must do is to demonstrate utmost sincerity and honesty by revealing your motives, ways, actions, and plans.
2. Forgiveness will be granted through educating and disciplining the person.
3. If one does not ask for forgiveness with all his heart, with the intention to resolve the situation and start a new page of life, the wrong relationship will continue.
4. If you ask forgiveness or forgive in order to protect your personal interests or because of your fear, you will never advance on the path.
5. It is possible that one can forgive someone else for his own vanity in order to be considered great and noble.
6. Forgiveness is a method not to perpetuate your involvement with the karma of the person on the wrong path.
7. The perpetuation of anger and hatred is responsible for the creation of tension points in your consciousness and aura.
8. Again and again we are told to solve our problems as soon as we can because if we take them with us to the Subtle world.
9. The relationship between friends is a very sensitive matter.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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