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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The Law of Replacement is a law in Nature and in human psychology. Replacement is the cause of balance. Nature replaces that which is removed or burned away with that which can take the place of what has disappeared. Replacement is an incessant process in Nature and in Man.

When something is gone, something else appears. Sometimes the new replacement improves conditions; sometimes it creates problems.

The eternal, unchangeable side needs the phenomenal, changing side to balance itself. Sometimes a physical object is replaced with an emotional object, a mental object, and so on. But, replacement is always in effect.

The Law of Replacement uses actual objects, imagination, ideas, concepts, or thoughts to replace what has disappeared. The three worlds are always in balance. When replacement is simultaneous on three levels, happiness results. When it is partial, there is despair, pain, and suffering until replacement is complete on all three levels.

Spare parts of everything are kept in storage, ready to be used as replacements. The replacement process in Nature is always in order, but man makes many mistakes. He replaces wrong things due to his emotions, glamors, and vanity. He replaces his reality or facts with his fantasies, and thus disturbs the Law of Replacement.

Right replacement is the foundation of balance and happiness. There is no progress without an opportunity for replacement. The Law of replacement is a natural or a conscious and deliberate process. Nature takes nothing away from any living form without replacing it with something.

Advanced individuals and nations are those which make deliberate and conscious replacement. To replace in a better way needs a better ability to contact Higher Sources.

In Nature, nothing fades away without creating its higher correspondence. The higher your contact, the better will be the object of replacement. This means that we must not replace the wrong object or the right object with an obsolete or equal object but with a higher object that will function better. All that exists is within our reach; we must only develop expanding contacts.

In relation to a human being, this law, can be used spiritually or in a distorted way. For example, the replacing “entity” could be

a) a glamor
b) an illusion
c) a vanity
d) an ego
e) a physical, emotional, or mental elemental
f) an entity
g) the human soul.

It is only when replacement is handled by the Soul that human progress begins. Replacement carried out by the rest of the “entities” either keeps the person on the same level of consciousness or leads him to degeneration. The change of consciousness from a lower plane to a higher one is also carried on under the Law of Replacement.

Prayer, Meditation, and contemplation are methods of replacement. Enlightenment is also a process of replacement.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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