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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Age Seeker Groups

New age seeker groups are not devotees of personalities, devotees of selfish emotional interests, devotees of dogmas and doctrines, devotees of organizations or names. New age seeker groups are devotees of knowledge and the achievement of transformation, devotees of sacrificial service, and devotees of enlightenment.

New age seeker groups are bridges between the objective and subjective worlds. Their intention is to penetrate the mysteries of nature and the mysteries of energy and life and prepare a bridge for humanity to pass to a higher state of consciousness.

New age seeker groups are found in seven fields:

In the field of politics, they are groups of politicians who will discover new ways and means to create understanding and direction toward global, solar, and cosmic goals.

In the field of education, new age seeker groups will work to enlighten people to the reality of one life. They will work to reveal the wisdom of the ages hidden in each person and provide those ways and means through which people are able to discover and to be.

In the field of communication, new age seeker groups will build network of contact not only on physical level, but also eventually in the field of emotions and thoughts. Before too long, it will be possible to extend this network into the subjective world and be aware of the condition of those who passed away.

In the field of arts, the new age seeker groups will bring great beauty and devote itself to the task of:

a) Healing
b) Uplifting
c) Transforming
d) Putting into action the latent creative potentials in man

In the field of science, the new age seeker groups will devote their lives to understand the energy; the energy of light will be put to full use.

In the field of religion, new age seeker groups will emphasize infinity rather than anthropomorphic Gods.

In the field of economics, the new age seeker groups will solve the problems of ‘want’ through the laws of sharing. They will create a new exchange system which is not based on credit cards, but on a world currency. Control over money will never help people to progress on moral and spiritual paths.

The new age seeker groups will realize that life is service. The foundation of life is service. The process of life is service. The consummation of life is service. People will suddenly realize that the best thing they can do is to serve.

The great teachers will choose us not only for what we know and what we are, but also by how we serve, and how long and how well we served in the past. Service will be one of the greatest sciences taught in our schools and universities.

People who have no time for the group plan are not worthy to be promoted. Promotion requires sacrificial labor. Those who cannot labor but achieve high positions become hindering blocks, not only for the group but also for their own progress. Such people develop vanity and personal interests.

Positions which demand wisdom, knowledge, skill in action, impartiality, independence, sacrifice, endurance, solemnity, insight, and intuition cannot be granted by a general vote. New age seeker groups are created only for meditation and spiritual understanding and nothing else.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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