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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Law that Unites and Sublimates

People sometimes achieve transformation in very interesting ways.

An artist passes through a desert, saw a young girl who had fallen into a ditch and was not able to climb out. The artist saved her. After a few days of traveling with each other, the girl fell in love with the artist. She was amazed that such a handsome man could exist, such a wise and gentleman could exist. For days they exchanged ideas and spoke about their dreams, achievements, and failures. When they reached the city, they went their separate ways.

They never saw each other again. But the girl began to think of him every minute with admiration and love. With such continuous thinking about the artist, the girl built a communication line between herself and him in a mental plane.

As the artist pursued his life of creativity, service and meditation, she in turn received continuous elevating vibrations, and her soul began to bloom and lead her towards spiritual heights. The story says that eventually, she built a centre of creative arts and acted as its leader, educating thousands of people.
Similar things happen to many men, to many women. They find the way of transformation in meeting a person who is more creative than they are.

Those who are self-bound, when they depart from their loved ones for some selfish reason, hate the other or crave for the other. Hatred creates the link and makes them contact each other on the inner planes to illuminate each other. Transformation is possible if one of them does not react to the hatred, but stays in the mood of peace and compassion. But hatred makes the brain consciousness turn off and not register the contacts carried out on higher levels.

Behind the accidents of life, a mysterious law is in action utilizing every crisis to transform people. One who hates eventually will serve the person in coming lives. But if both nourish love and think about each other in gratitude, they will eventually be co-workers in greater fields of responsibility.

Many people misuse their meetings with others for self-interest, manipulation, and even exploitation, and if they do not reach their goal, they hate the people and curse the moment they met them. But the law is so strange. Those who hate will meet each other in different ways and levels and they will be involved with each other until they dissolve their hatred. Those who love each other with feelings of gratitude will also meet each other again and again in greater fields of cooperation, creativity and leadership.

Hatred will lead them to each other through pain and suffering. Love will lead them to each other with joy and striving. This applies to groups, families, and nations.

The law leading to unification never fails. Year after year, the law brings conflicting parties closer. If we had the vision to see the action of this law throughout the schemes and chains, we would never lose a moment of cooperation with each other.

-          Torkom Saraydarian.

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