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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Law of Leveling

There is a law in nature which may be called as the Law of Leveling. This law brings man and humanity to its true level of beingness.

If a man thinks he is more than his worth, he is exposed in some way to make him know what he really is. If a man thinks of himself as more than what he is in reality, some accident or experience forces him to know himself as he is. Nature tolerates an individual, a nation, or humanity to swell out of proportion. Then the swelling is taken away, and they discover the real size of their being.

The real beingness of a human being, a nation, or humanity is not in the showoff part, is not in outer phenomena, wealth, position, nor even might, but rather in the degree of actualization of virtues, love, and will power.

All other than the self is taken away from us by the law of leveling in cyclic operation. People, nations, and humanity do not fall beyond the level of their beingness. They cannot be stripped beyond their clothing, their plaster and make-up.

Cyclically this law washes away all the plastering and reveals things as they are.
It is very interesting to see the operation of this law in an individual, national and global life. It brings pain and suffering to those who are attached. In those who are detached, it causes enlightenment and expansion of consciousness. It also can been seen in relation to discoveries or theories.

A person enthusiastically advertises a product, but instead of 90% effectiveness or usefulness, it is demonstrated as having 5% effectiveness or usefulness.

A person writes about an exercise or discipline being 100% effective, but in reality, it shows 10% effectiveness. This is also a leveling process.

People say they love 100%, but life shows that they care only a small percentage, or do not love at all.
The tests and crises and temptations of the law bring us down to our real level where we see exactly what we are.

Those leaders who understand human nature can sense the cycle of leveling and warn people to come to their senses, but often the masses do not listen and so merge into the chaos of leveling.

-          Torkom Saraydarian.

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