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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Logic, Reason and Common Sense

An initiate or an advanced disciple cannot be controlled or led by emotions but only pure reason or higher logic.

There is a difference between logic and pure reason. Logic is related to yourself, to laws and rules, or to your interests; it is some degree of rationalization. It is an accommodation, appropriation, or negotiation. But pure reason is seeing the facts from impersonal, non-separative viewpoint in the light of the spiritual triad.

Logic is related to time and conditions; pure reason is not limited by time or any conditions. Positive emotions, great aspiration, and clear thinking build the shield in us around us.When you are in negative emotions your astral body is on fire.

Eighty percent of the time our emotions control our mind and use it for their own ends. That is why advertising appeals to emotions, not logic. Refine your reason. Develop your faculty of reason, your capacity to think logically and be objective. Look at life beyond your emotional and subjective filters to see what is true in front of you now. Used properly, the intellect is a powerful tool of awareness that supports your soul’s evolution. It is the channel through which you view the world and interpret it.

Nothing supports your intuitive consciousness and spiritual development more thoroughly than a sharp, analytical, rational mind- one that observes carefully, records accurately, and distills information properly.
Problems arise when you confuse objective reason with illogical or automatic conclusions, biases, and assertions- or with other people’s opinions. This is a common error.

Reason becomes blocked when you react emotionally to a situation. Detach from your feelings and study facts before you respond. Armed with sound and accurate information, you can change any circumstance and send it in a new direction. Without such data, you are powerless.

To develop sound objective thinking skills, carefully observe your world without bias. De aware of your tendency to cloud your intellect by approaching situations or other people while holding strong projections that distort the truth.

Sound reason can only be cultivated with an open mind. A closed mind is death to your creative power. The ego can become so rigid and fixed in its perceptions that it unreasonably filters out the truth of the current situation emerging information.

Apply the lesson:
---- if you are an emotional hothead or a leaky faucet of tears; seldom accurately remember the details about people, places, or events; take everything personally and wonder why the world can be so cruel; find yourself stuck in one drama after another, each with a similar scary theme; react without thinking; rush forward too quickly; and make premature judgments more often than not…then you are a student in learning this lesson.

---- If you are highly sensitive to people and things and shut down easily; get your feelings hurt readily; carry other’s perspectives way too heavily in your heart; hesitate before you speak and try to think things through before you act, but often fail to see another’s point of view; or keep a journal and are considering seeing a therapist to gain deeper perspective… then you are an apprentice.

---- if you never make a decision in haste, but rather take the time to learn all you can before moving forward; call trusted friends and supportive advisors to help you sort through problems when you are not thinking clearly; pay keen attention to people, places and objects and have a sharp eye for detail; pause to consider before reacting, preferring to talk things over when you are calm; or wait for answers to come to you after learning all you can about something…then you are an journeyman.

---- if you have a nearly photographic memory; observe beyond the surface and feel as though you have insight into things; refrain from drawing conclusions and deciding what to do until you get all the necessary information, sort it out, and sleep on it; have an open mind and are always willing to learn more, especially in those areas in which you consider yourself quite knowledgeable; or pray, meditate, and wait for guidance from your Higher Self…then you are on your way to mastering this soul lesson.

If You Are a Student

  • Slow down and calm down
  • Get more information and make certain that your sources are objective and reliable before drawing conclusions.
  • Notice as many details as you can when you are engaged with people or are in new places.
  • Breathe, take a walk or a bath, and relax when you are overly emotional.

If You Are an Apprentice

  • Join a support group of some kind to get feedback and new perspectives.
  • Open your mind and be willing to see beyond your own point of view.
  • Search out your blind spots by studying recurring problems with the help of teachers, therapists, and unbiased friends.
  • Get your vision checked, have your glasses repaired, and learn exercises to improve your eye muscles.
  • Strive to observe new things and more detail about familiar people and places every day.
If You Are a Journeyman

  • Ask your Higher Self to reveal your blind spots and raise your awareness.
  • Do physical and meditative exercises for several minutes a day.
  • Count to ten and breathe through dramas and life challenges rather than giving in to them.
  • Ask questions, do research, or take a class to find out all you can about a situation, a recurring problem, or an area of creative interest.
  • Find trusted life advisors who will listen and help you sort through all the information you gather to get to the clearest, most accurate picture possible.
  • Once you have researched and organized your data, turn to you Inner Wisdom for the definitive answer or solution.
If You Are on Your Way to Mastering the lesson…

  • Read new books about old and favorite subjects.
  • When you have a conversation, take in every detail with both your head and heart and ask for more information whenever our spirit suggests it.
  • Take regular periods of alone time to ponder, digest, and sort through what you have learned.
  • Ultimately turn everything over to your Higher Self for a final decision.
Your Soul’s Lesson
Develop and Refine Your Reason

Your Soul’s Purpose
Use Higher Reason to See the True Spirit in All People,
Even When at Various Stages.

Common sense means paying attention to the obvious. This is not as easy as it sounds. We all have vivid imaginations, and we tend to get lost in our fantasies.

When fantasy replaces common sense, life becomes farcical and even tragic. Life is a series of ordinary events that follow the laws of logic and probability. These ordinary events are indifferent to our fantasies and require the careful, accurate navigation of common sense.


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