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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spiritual Saturation ???

The spiritual life is a tension between two polarities. One pole is the spiritual sphere; the other pole is the earthly sphere. One pole evokes an ever-progressive urge; the other pole draws man toward darkness and materialism. Man stands between these two poles. Either the magnet of the spiritual pole pulls him up toward greater and greater values, towards transformation and transfiguration, or the pole of the earthly life pulls him down toward degeneration and death.

The average person is subject to these opposite polarities. Sometimes he is drawn to the light, sometimes to the darkness. Certain people go in only one direction. They either immerse themselves in matter, or the renounce the world as many as they can. Disciples and advanced human beings try to bring these two opposites together and create a harmony between them.

Those who are more advanced transform the earthly life and enable light, love, ad beauty to manifest through matter, through what we call life in general. Thus material life helps to express the beauty of the spirit.

People cyclically follow one path or the other. Upon both paths, they confront hindrances and difficulties and try to overcome them. Gradually they learn that a material problem or difficulty is better solved with a spiritual attainment, and that a spiritual attainment is better manifested through the mastery of matter and personality.

Those who try to advance on the spiritual path and in the meantime live a normal life often confront a situation which is called “spiritual saturation.”

Spiritual saturation has many signs:

1.Spiritual saturation leads to crystallization of reasoning, to dogmas and doctrines, and finally to fanaticism. Fanaticism is a point of crisis in which one turns in the direction just opposite from his former beliefs.

2. A person who is spiritually saturated loses his interest in self-perfection.

3. One of the most dangerous weeds is vanity. Those who fall into spiritual saturation do not have protection against this weed.

4. The person loses his interest in meditation, study, and learning. This is a very slippery path; once you step on it, you can fall to the bottom of the hill.

5. A spiritually saturated person slowly turns his back on his creative labor.
6. Those who are in the process of saturation lose their joy of life.They lose the joy of striving and achievement.

7. Another sign of saturation is that the person withdraws into the cave of his self-interests. Spiritual saturation creates ego, and you try to use all that exists for your ego.

8.The next sign of saturation is that the person becomes indifferent toward spiritual values.

9.The next sign of spiritual saturation is characterized by confusion, inertia, apathy, and heavy depression.It is observed that such people end up in suicide or in individual or massive destructions. This is why people must not be encouraged to enter advanced spiritual disciplines until they prove that no future seeds of failure remain in their hearts; until they prove that their minds are stable, firm and healthy; until they prove that their bodies are purified enough to carry the increasing heat of the spiritual fire.

What are the causes of saturation ?

1. That first cause of saturation is a harmful life. If you cause harm to other people or to animals and trees, it accumulates and causes petrification in your system.

2. The second cause of saturation is lack or failure of actualization. When you cannot live the Teaching in your daily life, you become an obstacle for the Teaching.

3. Saturation begins when one does not engage himself in a creative labor which gives expression to the assimilated Teaching.

4. Another cause of saturation is lack of service. Learning, accumulating knowledge, meditation, study.

5. The next cause of saturation is greed. Greed keeps a person so occupied with matter that he has no time left for spiritual labor. Greed violates spiritual labor.

6. The next cause of saturation is mental confusion. Some people read every kind of book to satisfy their intellectual interest, but soon you see them dumping both their good and bad books into the trash.

7. The next cause of saturation is your karma. Your karma decides the high-water mark of your evolution. People sometimes do not understand why they slowed down on the spiritual path.

8. Saturation occurs when a person is involved in prolonged worrying. Worry is the absence of faith, hope, and future.

9. Saturation occurs when our foundation is weak, or if we have no foundation at all. Association with the wrong people creates saturation. Mental pollution stops your progress and creates saturation. Saturation never affects people who fight for great values.

How to overcome spiritual saturation?

1. Once a week give your body and mind to total rest in Nature. Once a year have a seven-day isolation in Nature, without tape recorder, television, radio.

2. Think often about a victorious, beautiful future for yourself in coming lives. Do not give up when difficult times arrive.

3. Study the science of cause and effect in your daily life, in national and international life. Develop keen observation and watchfulness and see how things are originated and what are their results.

4.Retiscence and solitude can give your nature a chance to regenerate itself.Holding your mouth from unnecessary speech and idle talk saves energy, which can be used to regenerate your nature.

5. Daily visualize whom you can serve and help, and then try to do it as much as possible. Daily do a short meditation.

6. Visit art galleries, attend great musical or dance performances, listen to inspiring lecturers.

7. Engage yourself in some creative work. Have a plan and work for it.

8. The most effective means to overcome spiritual saturation or to prevent it forever is to make real efforts to raise the quality of your daily life, to raise the quality of your life as a whole by raising the quality of your every action, word, labor, and thought.

9. Every time you take the side of the observer, you can prevent saturation– which is a personality problem and not the problem of the soul,because the soul never falls into saturation.The more you raise your quality,the closer you come to higher,subjective influences.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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