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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Redefine Yourself Today

The best way to prepare yourself to encounter spirit is to learn to be willing to redefine yourself every day.

Write down the most basic labels that apply to you: Name, age, gender, education level and occupation. Taking one at a time, consider how each label defines you.

For example: Your name specifies the identity of a person with a certain family background. It locates you in time and space, isolates you from others and it becomes part of your self-image. You are attached, to varying degrees, to all these threads of identity.

Now, consider whether these connections must apply. Do you feel a need to conform to family traditions and expectations? Is it important to you that your name earns recognition? As you ask some basic questions, you can begin to free yourself from the threads of attachment that keep you from being “born from above.”

Now you can take steps to redefine yourself. If you spot yourself thinking in a certain way because it is appropriate to your age, education level, gender or social status, ask yourself if there are other ways to think. If you open yourself, you will be amazed at how thoroughly you have been defined by rigid beliefs and outdated conditioning. These external influences aren’t the real you, and until you go through the process of detaching yourself from old definitions, you cannot confront the unknown.

Everything new that comes your way winds up passing through a filtering process until it fits your likes and dislikes, social status, income, education level and so on.

Spiritual experience is unfiltered; it comes directly and spontaneously.

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