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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How can you tell if you are on the right path?

52 sign posts on the journey
You are on the right path when you:

Ask yourself the following questions and seek the answers: 

1. Who am I? Where did I come from?
2. Where will I go when I die?
3. What is my true nature?
4. Why do I think the way I do?
5. Why do I stay in pain and suffering?
6. Why am I afraid, unhappy, or angry?
7. Why do I criticize, judge, and blame others for my pain and unhappiness?
8. What can I do to become more conscious and present, and to find my true being?

Ø Understand that if you want to know the truth, you need to search and find it yourself.

Ø Search within to find your answers instead of relying on other people’s opinion for what’s right for you.

Ø Do everything possible to become more conscious of yourself.

Ø Persevere looking “in” to find your true self.

Ø See the world as a reflection of yourself.

Ø Look for the lessons you need to learn in every situation; inspite of the ups and downs of life.

Ø Refrain from blaming, criticizing, and putting others and yourself down.

Ø Refrain from nurturing ill will towards those who may seem to be “better off”, “happier”, or “wiser” than you.

Ø Choose to be positive about yourself, others, and life.

Ø Trust that existence supports you even when it does not give you what you want.

Ø Understand that life unfolds just like the opening petals of a flower, and that the present moment is the only reality you have.

Ø Understand that you don’t need to compromise your inner truth to comply with other people’s expectations.

Ø Choose not to impose your beliefs and desires on others, or allow anyone to impose their beliefs or desires on you.

Ø Surrender your Will to existence and allow it to do what it needs to do through you.

Ø Feel grateful for everything and everyone who has directly or indirectly helped you to learn and grow in consciousness.

Ø Value and appreciate your body as a gift from existence.

Ø Value and appreciate people who are sincere and honest with you.

Ø Live spontaneously and respond to life moment to moment.

Ø Trust life and know that no matter what happens, your being and everyone else’s being is always whole and healthy.

Ø Understand that no one can know you better than you can know yourself.

Ø Know that you only you are responsible for your life.

Ø Focus on finding and living your own unique gifts rather than comparing yourself to others.

Ø Understand that the only way you can know yourself is through experience, introspection, and meditation.

Ø Understand that you don’t need to be loved, recognized, or accepted by others in order to be content and live a life joyfully.

Ø Surrender to what life offers you rather than trying to control others and life.

Ø Strive living from your center instead of your ego mind.

Ø Realize that fear is your only enemy.

Ø Face your fears and act inspite of them.

Ø Take responsibility for all your actions.

Ø Don’t blame others for your pain and suffering.

Ø Don’t manipulate others to get your needs met.

Ø Don’t repress or wallow in your emotions and take responsibility for how you feel.

Ø Forgive yourself and others for your and their mistakes.

Ø Wish well for others and wish well for yourself.

Ø Value your truth and freedom more than security and life.

Ø Treat yourself and others with respect, honesty, and sincerity.

Ø Know that you are not your body, emotions, thoughts or experiences.

Ø Treat every situation as an opportunity to learn something more about yourself.

Ø Act from your heart instead of your mind.

Ø Let go of your attachment to things and people.

Ø Give yourself and others freedom to be who they truly are.

Ø Treat pain as a friend and teacher and look for its message instead of struggling with it.

Ø Live your life remembering that your journey is the goal.

Ø Enjoy walking your journey alone.

Ø Make meditation and self-observation a daily practice.

Ø Courageously face the fear of death and the unknown.

Ø Understand that no matter how hard someone tries to show you the way, you will not find the truth by following or imitating others.

Ø Do whatever it takes to find your true being.

Ø Remember that everything in life is impermanent except your being and consciousness.

Ø Welcome your inner emptiness and understand that this emptiness is a true being.

Ø Remind yourself and know that you are already a Buddha.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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