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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Laws of Life

A law is the way things naturally go or should go or the way the people want them to go. If the life people create is not in harmony with the laws of nature, sooner or later, they see the laws of nature creating painful ways to make people turn to these laws for guidance. The following points are given here as seed thoughts for reflection or contemplation. Thinking on one of them and doing reflective meditation upon it will bring many blessings to your life.

1. You eventually become like those you hate and start to act as they act.

2. You hate someone because you hate things in him that are in the process of developing within you.

3. Those who have to give to others, they will have more. Those who have to have more, they will lose what they have. One must periodically empty himself to be able to be filled anew.

4. When one is empty of himself, the universe will dwell in him.

5. If you ask, the answer will be given. If you knock, people will respond. If you search, things will come your way.

6. Those who spread dirt eventually find it as their nourishment.

7. Those who waste your offerings will also make themselves indebted to the creator.

8. Your emotional body is the result of your words, imagination, and emotional reactions.

9. Your mental body is the result of your thoughts, visualization, or vanity and ego.

10. Beauty evokes seeds of beauty latent in you.


12. No one can change things for the better or cause transformation unless he exists or obeys one who exists.

13. There is the law of opposites. Light evokes darkness, darkness evokes light.

14. There is the law of substitution by which you are allowed to pay the debts of others.

15. Your payment for others becomes your savings.

16. Those whose debt is paid help you for your future achievements.

17. Only after you empty yourself can you be filled.

18. Success is the result of the exhaustion of Karma.

19. Conscious suffering removes a great amount of Karma.

20. Accumulated unconscious impressions create pressure within us. One of nature’s ways to make you conscious of them is to see them in others.

21. We are afraid of people whom we hate.

22. We hate because we feel insecure.

23. Racism and nationalism are the result of fear and insecurity.

24. Bigots and fanatics are those who had extreme fear in the past.

25. Harmlessness leads to freedom from any limitation.

26. No value can exist until it is realized and manifested.

27. No value can be realized unless vehicles to realize that value are built or created.

28. The transmitting agent conditions the nature of the transformation.

29. One reaches the ocean of values not by imitating or living the values of others but by creating his own values on progressively higher levels.

30. Expansion of consciousness occurs after crisis and high level tensions if one is in the Light.

31. The things that we possess by force are the things that we will lose in pain and suffering.

32. Knowledge is like acid. It burns its surroundings unless it is in the cup of Love.

33. The power to possess and dominate is a sign of bankruptcy of essence and preparation for Karmic retribution.

34. The law of life demands that you do your best in whatever you are doing. The will to do your best must be ever progressive.

35. The ultimate goal of thinking is to understand the law behind the Universe.

36. Good relations with God cannot be achieved without having a good relation with his children.

37. Never trust people who hate their father and mother.

38. Never give responsibilities to those who avoid their responsibilities toward their parents, husband, wife or children.

39. Never promote people to more responsible jobs who are not interested in your vision but are interested in your money and body.

40. When you prove a treason, do not ever give another chance to a traitor.

41. People who do not look you in the eye when they talk are suffering from hidden guilt.

42. The best way to lose your friends is to lie to them.

43. When you see your friend present at your parties but absent when you are loaded with labor, have no faith in him.

44. Try to select your co-workers from those who have had harmonious homes and striving parents.

45. Especially watch those who have no control over their mouth.

46. Do not give advanced teaching to those who are persons of interest or who are racists.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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