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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thinking & States of Mind

"Thinking passes through many states due to the various states of mind".

Undeveloped State of Mind
In this state neither the brain nor the mind is developed, and there is no synchronization between them. There are centers in the brain and the etheric brain which must be developed before a person is capable of clear thinking.

As we assemble various parts of our machinery to use, in the same sense an integration and synchronization must be established in the brain and between the brain and etheric and mental centers.

Lazy Mind
In this state the brain is developed, but it is lazy. There is no energy in it but only inertia and apathy. Such a state of mind can be naturally or artificially produced. Your mind can be lazy because of drugs, marijuana, too much sex, too much work, alcohol or tobacco. All these affect the brain and make you mentally lazy.

Damaged Brain or Damaged Mind
As our brains can be damaged by accidents, hallucinogenic drugs, or excessive sex, so also can the mental body be damaged by various kinds of psychological pressures, psychic attacks, hypnotism, etc. The brain or mind can also be damaged by electric currents, radiation, or poisons.

Confused Mind
This is a state in which your mind has no goal, no direction, and no discernment. Confusion is also a state of mind in which things appear to you differently than what they exactly are. Your chaotic thoughtforms obscure your vision. A confused mind does not have certainty, a center of control, principles or standards.

Conflicting Mind
Such a mind is always split. It fights against itself. A person with a conflicting mind decides something, and the next moment he changes his decision or promise; he never fulfills his promise. He believes something, then denies it. This is a mind that assembles and disassembles. His personality is split, or his personality and soul are fighting against each other. In this stage, the awakening soul is trying to bring the personality in line and is creating conflict on the mental field.

Slave Mind
When the mind is controlled by the blind urges and drives of the physical body, by the glamors and desires of the emotional body, and by the illusions, vanity, separatism, and ego of the mental body, the mind turns into a slave and exists only to satisfy the wishes of the body, emotions, and lower mind. For example, your body wants sex, drugs, and alcohol. The slave mind says, “Yes, sir, I will try to find a way to serve your wishes.”

When your mind is a slave, even its knowledge does not help you reject the impositions of the lower bodies. This is why we say that it is not knowledge that helps your spiritual progress but your transformation and beingness.

When you discipline your personality and gain control of your lower bodies, you can experience true freedom. After gaining freedom, your lower vehicles serve your spiritual goals. Only a free mind can develop control over itself.

Preconditioned or Prejudiced Mind
Some minds act under the influence of posthypnotic suggestions. They are preconditioned. A prejudiced mind is a mind that cannot open, unfold, and expand. There are limiting walls around it. This causes the mind not to see important and essential facts and to lose opportunities for cooperation and expansion.

It is interesting to know that the human mind can be preconditioned in the fields of politics, education, philosophy, arts, sciences, religion, and economics. Preconditioned minds are always hindrances in their own field because they do not let their particular field expand and grow. Anytime a mind is prejudiced, it becomes a dangerous mind and stands against human welfare.

Fanatical Mind
This is a state which continues for many years, or sometimes – if it is connected to religion – for many lives, until the accumulating shocks of disappointments crack the walls of fanaticism and shed light into the mind. Sometimes, when a fanatic’s mind is opened, it goes to extremes, and the fanatic denies all that he had worshipped and becomes the slave of his pleasures. If a fanatic is caught at the right time by a wise person, he can be led gradually out of his shell and into new values.

Striving Mind
A striving mind tries to find new ways to solve his own problems and expand his horizons. He tries to make his existence beautiful, intelligent, healthy, prosperous, and creative. A striving mind is an awakening mind. He tries to eliminate all that was built in the past as hindrances on that path of perfection. The patterns of various habits are attacked and the vision is seen. A call is heard, and action is taken to meet the call.

These are the first signs of striving:
a)The person begins to search and ask. He tries to discover the causes of his limitations.
b)He searches for wisdom.
c)He tries to discipline his nature.
d)He tries to cultivate virtues.
e)He tries to come in contact with centers of light.

The Clear Mind
After striving comes clarity, but this is a gradual process. It takes sometimes a long time – years or lives – to achieve clarity of mind, but once it is achieved, you are almost one with the “mind which is in Christ,” the clear mind that sees things exactly as they are. A clear mind has direction, a clear goal, and a clear plan to reach that goal.

Creative Mind
After your mind achieves a state of clarity, it becomes a creative force in the Universe. You create all those artforms that make people healthier, more beautiful, more successful, more righteous, and freer.

The real artist does not entertain you and please your animal instincts by presenting violence and crimes, but through his art he evokes the divine and creative forces from you and challenges you to transcend your level of beingness.

Enlightened Mind
The enlightened mind is a mind that cooperates with the creative forces in Nature, having a deep understanding about the Purpose and the Plan of the One Who created all that exists. A person who has an enlightened mind can clearly see himself as he is and what he is going to be.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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