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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Opportunity & Opportunists

How can we use an opportunity without becoming an opportunist?

First, let us look at what opportunity is. 

Opportunity is: 
1.The opening of a new task 
2.The availability of a Teacher or a learning institution
3.New discoveries which save time and energy
4.New revelations which may clear up doubt
5.New lines of communication
6.New systems of teaching which can help people meet new demands
7.A release of energy by which greater labor may be undertaken

These seven opportunities are open to those who are ready for them. A person who is ready is one who did not waste time and who used all the opportunities to prepare himself to become sensitive to future opportunities.

The difference between one who is ready and one who is an opportunist is that the one who is ready uses his opportunity to promote:

World health
World prosperity
World happiness
Global peace
Global brotherhood
Global enlightenment

An opportunist uses his opportunity to:

Satisfy separative interests
Create cleavages
Take revenge
Make others fail
Create hatred between people
Grab a position

An opportunist works only for his own interest and at the expense of others. A person who is alert and ready to recognize his opportunity uses it not only for himself but for others.

Opportunity is a moment of time in which a previously closed door opens.

There are opportunities to do the following:

Make money
Increase our possessions
Achieve or be more
Be a hero
Have a great revelation or enlightenment
Transcend oneself
Come in contact with Higher Forces

During these moments, certain energy currents become available cyclically or for the first time. Because of the presence of such energies, the opportunity presents itself.

Opportunity is composed of three factors:

1.New energies
3.Need or demand

Let us take each of these factors and consider them individually.

1.New energies are the result of new stellar configurations and their relationships to the solar system and earth.
2.Readiness is the degree of an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual development and sensitivity.
3.Need or demand pertains to people, the environment, or to celestial centers.

Higher centers need to transfer new energies. They demand that people and globes be prepared to receive these energies. Opportunity is a moment when such energies are available.

As one needs energy, higher centers need to release that energy, establish equilibrium, and then receive more energy from higher sources. Reception and delivery of energy is the process which keeps higher centers advancing.

When a person needs something, there should be a time in which his need is met. This is the moment of opportunity. If he is not prepared to meet the moment of opportunity, many moments of opportunity come and go, as if they never existed, because he was not ready to see the opportunity in them.

Those who use an opportunity to expand their field of service or share their treasures with as many people as possible develop a psychic mechanism which informs them of approaching opportunity. Thus they always have a huge wave upon which to surf.

Those who use an opportunity to satisfy their malice or hatred and for their own selfish interests gradually become increasingly insensitive to moments of opportunity. They lose the possibility of surpassing their former level of beingness and fall into the path of retrogression.

An opportunist is like a thief who waits for the moment to steal, cheat and harm. The laws of the Universe are impersonal. One can transform himself with available energy currents, or he can destroy himself with them. This means that though the laws of the Universe are impersonal, they tend toward the greater good, the Common Good, more toward universal interests than individual interests.

There are many moments which are opportunities for enlightenment.

1. Sunrise
2. Sunset
3. The full moon
4. The equinox
5. The solstice
6. A lunar or solar eclipse
7. Certain configurations of planets and stars

Sensitivity to opportunity can be developed through the spirit of:

Service to the Common Good

These five virtues make one’s consciousness sensitive to incoming opportunities, and the individual eventually lives in a steady current of opportunity.

- Torkom Saraydarian (Leadership Series)

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  1. This was one of those topic's which created a lot of impact in my life and helped me lot esp in my day-day-life.
    Every since i heard the lecture on this topic i am unable to resist utilizing any opportunities that are coming in my life and i am seriously trying to make the most of all the opportunities coming my way.


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