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Sunday, May 15, 2011


What is the significance of a smile?
We are directed to take a positive attitude whenever we start doing something – to smile.

When we are trying to make a decision, or we are entering into an agreement with someone, the first thing to do is to smile. A smile will bring positive energies out of us and evoke the higher nature of the people who are talking and relating with us. Instead of stimulating the beast in others, we can evoke the angel, the beauty in them through a sincere and clear smile.

A smile is a way to harmonize ourselves with the creative forces of the Universe. When people are not smiling, they are very sad, grieved, or angry and sometimes they show various feelings in their faces. A smile is the sign, the signal of a contented, happy consciousness. This consciousness draws the attention of the creative forces of the Universe.

Smiling is very important, but it must be a smile that is a true expression of our happy, harmonious consciousness, a consciousness that is in harmony with life. This triggers the great forces in the Universe which help us improve our relationships. 

We are going to use the smile consciously, not to deceive people, but to put ourselves in happy, joyful conditions and relate with people through our joy.

The presence of a smile on our faces reveals that we are courageous and fearless.

If a person is in fear, and is not courageous, he cannot smile. But if he smiles, really smiles, it means he is receiving courage and becoming fearless even when facing dangers. When people are attacking with malice, slander and treason – smile. A smile will really crush them. Even if you are in grave danger, smile first and see what happens.

A smile is the symbol – like the icons found in certain computer programs. When you click the smile symbol, the mechanism of the whole computer works to bring positivity into expression. In another verse, Master Morya directs us to smile when we are confronting danger. A smile will suddenly give us courage so that we can destroy the obstacles.

A smile reveals that we have hope.

If something is going wrong and you lose your smile, it means that you are in the process of defeat. Even if people betray you, and come to you, smile at them. Do not show grief. But if you keep smiling, the energy of positive forces will be circulating through you.

A smile looks to the future.

If , when everything is going wrong, joy suddenly comes to you and you smile, you uplift and transcend yourself from the present condition and for one second, enter the domain of infinity, into the future and say “so what?”. This is a very great relief. All of us have had these experiences, but most of us have not consciously registered them yet.

In the movie “Zorba – The Greek”, when everything went wrong, Zorba gathered 10 or 15 friends and started dancing. That was a smile, because he showed that nothing can conquer the human spirit. This is where the smile stands. It is a very practical understanding which may save your life. Instead of wailing and moaning about life, give a nice smile.

Smile and the Joy of Resignation:

When we were reading Rabindranath Tagore, a very great poet in one of his books “Gitanjali”, he writes, “the greatest power and joy of man is the power and joy of resignation.” Resignation means conscious detachment from things with which we are identified. If we resign from our hatred, it is so beautiful. Our hatred makes us slaves. We are going to resign and leave it behind and search for something greater. How great it will be if we learn resignation. 

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