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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Questions and Answers

How do we overcome Ego?

We overcome ego by thinking how imperfect we are. I used to do this. My ego would say, "Oh, you are great." One day when I felt so great, I went to my car and couldn't see why it wouldn't start. I said to myself. "You are a nut."

Seeing how many things you need to improve in yourself and reach your vision makes you increasingly humble. I once read a story about Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. When victory for the allied nations seemed assured, they became so proud of what they were doing. One day Roosevelt took Truman's hand and we to the balcony of the White House and said, "Let's watch the sky." After looking at they stars for a few minutes, they looked at each other and asked, "What is our greatness?"

You are a piece of dust in space. Who are we to have ego. Ego is not a psychological state of consciousness. Ego is a sickness like cancer and tumors. Get rid of it before it expresses itself in the body.

How do we increase our gratitude?

Gratitude increases when we see how life brought us to the stage where we are. Everyone and everything in life is helping us to be what we are physically, emotionally, and mentally. Think how many millions of people are working to educate you and how many people are making your life very difficult so that your shell is cut and the fruit is revealed!

Can you give an example of how you would work with someone in the present to get rid of past pain?

We are doing this through joy exercises. When something happens in your childhood and you remember it, you can become a child in your visualization and work it out. You contact the real child who is in pain, and create the new child who has found his or her joy.

When you re-experience your joy in an event of your childhood, you release the encapsulated joy and spread it into your present consciousness. The release of joy destroys the shells of pain and suffering encapsulating with joy. You have thousands of encapsulating joys. When you release them, you gradually fill your nature with joy. This fire of joy annihilates the formations of pain and suffering.

- Torkom Saraydarian (Happiness, Joy & Bliss).

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