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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happiness, Joy & Bliss

The human soul has three aspects.
One if them is happiness.
The next one is joy.
The third one is bliss.

Happiness corresponds to light.
Joy corresponds to love.
Bliss corresponds to willpower.

Again, happiness corresponds to the knowledge petals of the Chalice.
Joy corresponds to the love petals.
Bliss corresponds to the sacrifice petals.

Happiness can be secured by observing the Law of Economy.
Joy can be secured by observing the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.
Bliss can be secured by observing the Law of Synthesis.

Happiness is related to personality.
Joy is related to the soul.
Bliss is related to the Spiritual Triad.

There is an inner Sun that is your Self.
It has Light.
It has Love.
It is the power of Life.

That Sun also exists in you.
Your Sun is the light of all your cells and atoms.
Your Sun is the magnetic power.
Your Sun is the circulating life in all your being.

- Torkom Saraydarian (Sedona, Arizona, 1990)

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