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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Principles of Spiritual Psychology

1. We are not human beings with souls; we are souls having a human experience.

2. The nature of god is love!

3. Direct experience is the process through which belief or faith is transformed into knowing.

4. Since we are all part of god, our nature also is love, and we have the opportunity to know our loving nature experientially, here and now!

5. Physical world reality exists for the purpose of spiritual evolution.

6. Spiritual evolution (growth) is a process, not an event.

7. All of life is for learning.

8. An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs your peace.

9. Every time a single person resolves a single issue, angels rejoice and all humanity moves forward in its evolution.

10. All “becauses” are merely triggers to internal unresolved issues inviting completion.

11. Inner disturbances are themselves a major component of the spiritual curriculum you are here to complete.

12. Unresolved issues are not bad; they are just part of your spiritual curriculum and are an opportunity for healing.

13. Personal responsibility is the foundational key that opens the door to freedom.

14. Nothing outside of you causes your hindrances.

15. You create your future by how you respond to experiences now.

16. How you relate to an issue is the issue, and how you relate to yourself while you go through an issue is an issue.

17. What you believe determines your experience.

18. A life filled with acceptance is a life devoid of unnecessary emotional suffering. It’s a life filled with love.

19. Your primary goal is not to change the school; your primary goal is to graduate.

20. Healing is the application of loving to the places inside that hurt.

21. Loving, healing, and evolving are all same process.

22. Judgment is self condemnation. Self forgiveness is redemption; and compassion, acceptance, peace, and joy naturally follow.

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