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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Intellect and intuition

Intellect has the capacity to formulate, to appropriate and meet a need. The intellect gathers together all the elements and parts for a building, but it is the intuition that brings them together into a unified structure.

Intuition sees the future; intellect appropriates the future to the needs of the present. We need both of them; without intellect the intuition remains as a vision without any practical effect.

Intuition is the ability to see things from the viewpoint of the whole and in relation to all – not from the viewpoints of the parts , but in relation to the parts.

Some people think that intuition is a feeling, and this feeling is greater than intellect. This is not true.

You cannot create electricity through your feelings ; you cannot build a computer through your feelings . intellect is needed whether you have feelings or not.

Intellect transmits and translates the revelations of the intuition.

Intellect observes; intuition identifies.

Intellect explains; intuition knows.

Intuition gives ideas; intellect formulates the thoughts.

Intuition has the ability to see things without the help of intellect, but intuition cannot relate its revelation to the need—that is the work of the intellect.

So we must say to new age children: intuition is good, but intellect is necessary, and feeling is not enough. We must urge them to finish their education and get a degree, then work out their vision in practical and realistic ways.

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