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Friday, May 25, 2012

Recreation as a Psychic Development Tool

Here are just four of the many reasons why recreation is so important for psychic development. Read them, think about them and never feel guilty about having fun again.

1. Energy circulation: Any form of healthy recreation, such as playing a sport or a musical instrument, dancing, taking a walk, cooking, drawing, singing or taking a leisure drive, allows your body, mind and spirit to relax. As you relax, you loosen the aura and open the chakras. Energy begins to freely circulate in and around the body faster and more rhythmically.

2. “Re-creating” yourself: When you are engaged in recreation, you are literally “re-creating” yourself by purposely changing your thoughts from worry and work to focusing on fun.

3. Short term healing affect: The stresses of work and personal concerns are put on hold for a bit, allowing the mind, body and spirit a self-imposed short term healing and regrouping.

4. Shift in Chakras: Focusing on just work, sustains the energy in the lower chakra area. By engaging in recreation, you balance the lower chakras thus taking the energetic focus away from the lower chakras and shifting the energy to the higher chakras.

Think about the place recreation has in your life. Do you include recreation as a constant in your life, prioritizing it as important as work? If not, make some changes by including recreation as a requirement in your life.

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