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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cosmic Ideas

Ideas are the flowers of energies !!!

An idea is not a form, neither is it a formulation , but a living stream of energy connecting you with the source of an ever- flowing waterfall of energy and vision.

An idea releases the power of striving in people.

Every true idea is a messenger of the most high. People look to Krishna, Buddha, and Christ as powerful individuals in world history. But in reality, they are not individuals but embodiments of cosmic ideas. They are words--- ideas – “made flesh”.

The teachings of the great ones are symphonies composed upon great ideas.

Every true idea ignites the fires of space and creates a network of fire , which eventually turns into a magnetic mirror attracting cosmic ideas.

A true leader is a spring of new ideas. It is through ideas that he leads people. Ideas speak to the human soul, once the ears of the human soul are open.

A leader knows that an idea is “the seed of reality”. It is this seed that is planted in the hearts of people to enrich them with the abundance of reality.

A leader is a true leader when he presents an idea which meets the needs of people in the present and in the future and leads them on a path of progressive advancement.

In the future, people will realize that leaders are broadcasters, carriers, embodiments, or even symbols of ideas.

It is ideas that tune people to the source of cosmic energies. Cosmic energies flow into the ocean of humanity through living ideas.

People charged by living ideas march toward a building a new world grounded in living ideas.

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