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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Age of the Human Soul

In esoteric literature, we read about young souls and old souls. The difference between the souls is the difference of experience, consciousness and will.

One who learns his lessons and returns ten times sooner than another is called an older soul because he has experienced more, learned more, expanded his consciousness more and developed his will more.

Young souls are those who have spent their time and energy and have not learnt their lessons. They repeat their classes until they learn their lessons.

Old souls are those who, in harmony with the cycles, keep pace and move forward into greater wisdom. They do not waste time and energy. They try to cultivate group virtues and group talents. Everytime they appear in the world, they are richer and more beautiful in wisdom than before.

Young souls stay much longer on the lower or middle subtle planes than the older ones. Incarnation after incarnation, older ones speed their return. A time comes that they stay only a few days in the subjective world and return to continue their service for humanity.

Young souls run after the accumulation of money or properties. They run after excessive sex, fame, reputation and power, and they imprison themselves with the resulting karmic ties. Young souls create so much karma that they lose their goal in paying off and fighting against their karma.

Old souls try to decrease their karma. As they decrease it, they gain more control over their life and future. Older souls have a greater field of consciousness. Younger souls have a very narrow and sometimes even a decaying consciousness. When the consciousness does not expand, it retreats and contracts. A dying consciousness is like a lamp in which the oil is almost finished.

An expanding consciousness tries to settle problems existing between friends, relatives, and enemies. Our teacher used to say, “Miserable are those who enter the subtle world with the baggage of old arguments and problems.”

Young souls are harmful and destructive. Older souls are very careful. Older souls accumulate a great amount of pressure in their chalice while the younger souls leave their chalice empty. Older souls have a greater amount of patience, understanding and tolerance. Older souls are those who still try to save this planet and make it an ashram of wisdom.

Life is like a highway. Many cars get stuck. Many are northbound, while others are heading south. Some of them stop along the way then proceed. Some of them go straight to their destination.

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